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Nothing can be really said of me. My name is Romina. Bi. I recently graduated from high school and will be leaving very shortly to go to college. Hispanic. Bit of an athlete with soccer as my only sport. Mostly a writer though, with a few published poems and stories under my belt. Tad bit of an artist, but I'm not confident enough in my abilities to pick up a pencil everyday and show everyone around me.

Music. I can't live without my music. I believe the most beautiful element of this world is the moon. I walk underneath its rays every night, whether or not it is full or new or if it is hidden behind clouds. But now I'm babbling on a tangent. Should you want to know anything else, do not be afraid to ask.

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In The Shadows I Must Wait

Troubling thoughts, lost sentiments, hopeful desires, infamous plots, and forsaken illusions. Here is my mind.


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Master-of-LF2 Report | 12/27/2013 4:02 am
Happy Birthday hope you have a great one.
xAmour et Mort Report | 09/13/2013 3:14 pm
xAmour et Mort
I haven't been on this websites in ages, but thank you.
Sick Bubble Gum Report | 08/30/2013 12:08 am
Sick Bubble Gum
Hello! Cool avatar!
Xena Fire Report | 08/29/2013 12:30 pm
Xena Fire
I will see if I can find it online smile I hope it's not a really sad ending.

Xena Fire Report | 08/29/2013 12:16 pm
Xena Fire
I used to read Vampire Knight but never saw the anime. Is it worth continuing in your opinion? I haven't read manga or seen anime in years. I think the last manga I started but never finished was Tokyo Mew Mew in middle school.
SasuNaruLover99 Report | 07/09/2013 11:33 pm
I love you vampire knight back ground. I love that anime/manga series smile ^^" Thanks for accepting my friend request! biggrin 3nodding blaugh sweatdrop heart rofl ninja xd
Chocobosweet Report | 07/04/2013 11:37 pm
Thank you, you made my day c:
BatMinyas Report | 05/05/2013 2:19 pm
have fun at warp tour!
RavenDarknessAtarashi Report | 04/14/2013 2:16 pm
Yeah I just got sassy at a spammer. It was pretty fun. Lol. The best way to go about stuff like that is to block w/ a smile on ur face and be the bigger person. ^__^
xAmour et Mort Report | 03/17/2013 8:55 pm
xAmour et Mort
Awh, thank you. <3


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