Previously known as Redwing Rogue.

Semi-Hiatus. I'm hardly on here but I still check in occasionally.


Just a few words in advance before you ask me any questions regarding the following:

No, I won't make you a profile.
No, I'm not taking art request.
No, I won't donate when asked, or begged.
No, I won't accept your random friend request.

There. Hopefully I saved you some time.


You may call me Rogue, Redwing (from my old username), Red, whatever you want. I've been on Gaia since 2006. My Gaia-soul is dedicated to AT, which is where you will commonly find me. I lurk GCD and post there on occasion, pop my head in and post in the RLF&S, and lately I've been hanging out in CB quite a bit also.

I'm 25 years old and happily married to an amazing man. I currently live in Oregon. I love retro gaming and older video games in general. Pokemon is my minor obsession (since 1998). I like very select anime, and adore anything that is Studio Ghibli. Coffee is my life-long drug. I obsess over the things of my childhood and love nostalgia. Overall I'm your typical geek. I love various fashions including various goth, mori girl, and some classic lolita. I'm also a fan of basic jeans and t-shirts too (oh, and socks. Lots and lots of socks!). I identify as a Christian, but am less religious and more accepting of all sorts of people, so I won't bite. I like drawing, CSS coding, and creating avatars as my thing on Gaia. Currently I'm working on getting my Bachelors in Psychology.

Feel free to comment.

I won't accept random friend request just because we might share a few things in common. Socialize with me a bit in the forums and MAYBE I'll consider.


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Currently I'm not taking commissions.

Birthday: December 20th

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Me and my man! Married since Feb 16, 2013.

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Art by -l- Mi-tan -l-

Thank you again! I love it!~ <3

About the profile

All gifs are given credit to their original creators or their source:

Coding and header graphics were done by me.
Please give credit to me or these artist if you do plan on using anything in this profile.
If you have to ask how something was coded in my profile just PM me.

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Report | 09/01/2015 4:55 pm


Oh this and that, I've done a few covers recently and of course there's my comic, also I've been doing character commissions and avi art when I get the time. >w< Awesome that you're arting it up too!

Report | 08/31/2015 4:02 pm


Aw dang, thanks! >w< I made it when I evolved cria into hembria, hahaha.

I've been okay! Doing art, trying to get by, like you do lol. I'm getting back into gaming to try to re-invigorate myself, things have been kinda stale lately just working and doing adult stuff. razz
The Princess Mia

Report | 08/30/2015 8:31 pm

The Princess Mia

Just saw your art in a signature and I thought I'd let you know it's so pretty!
The Plasmarifle

Report | 08/25/2015 4:53 pm

The Plasmarifle

No shop. I just take commissions pretty much when ever I feel like it.
I normally charge 75b
I gotta let you know though, I'm not very good at drawing females.
The Plasmarifle
The Plasmarifle

Report | 08/25/2015 3:18 pm

The Plasmarifle

Heh...I don't actually have an actual gallery... redface
-l- Mi-tan -l-

Report | 08/25/2015 12:08 pm

-l- Mi-tan -l-

That feel when I try to add you but your friend requests are also blocked. lol emo
Braev Dullahan

Report | 08/23/2015 8:30 pm

Braev Dullahan

Oh noo, I've been pretty busy as well! Just got situated with moving to Uni. > w <
How are you??
2_twins in a ball

Report | 08/18/2015 12:44 pm

2_twins in a ball

Hahaha, it's an original. I didn't come up with any Disgaea cosplay in mind but the Bunny Raspberry really gives off the demon/vampire look.
I've never played the game before (not sure which game I should start looking for Let-play's) but I love the design of the Prinnies and the good-for-nothing protagonists~

Though I started in '09, I trace the origin of love for accessories to the '07s too.

Yeah, I'm more for functions too although it's a tad tough swimming through a layer of black just to find some nice looking socks hahaha.
I've never used the Locker or Closet before though I suppose it'd clean up lots of my invo fast. xd
I use the old arranger 'cause every time I move something from the back page into the front ones, the list messes up the order of stuff I organized.
It'll cut off the last item on the front list and bring that item to the end of the last page. neutral At the very least, with the old organizer, CTRL + Shift is pretty handy.
I've heard here and there about artists cut off the staff list. There used to be quite a bit of SDPlus Real dolls based off the staff but that's more of less been changed out with other Gaians. Do you follow certain artists when their creations pop up?
2_twins in a ball

Report | 08/17/2015 3:49 pm

2_twins in a ball

I feel as though the leg mods will one day reach a tipping point where recolors are so in demand that the original almost becomes skewed in the inflation calculations. dramallama

1/2 a page is mostly leftovers of hoarded event items from Caroling and Halloween, 3 1/4 pages of gold shop items with sprinkles of stuff from older CIs, and the rest my more expensive cash stuff.
Pretty close to 2 trillion, not quite yet. xd
How do you typically organize your invo? Do you line up certain series of recolors together or organize them by color?
I've kind of given up on spending hours managing the entirety, it's kind of divided by rares, colors, holiday/event stuff, then another stack of colors.


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