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Report | 06/01/2015 12:10 am


If you get more, let me know
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Report | 02/25/2013 4:55 am

Erogenous Jones

Happy Birthday Rogue! Hope it's a good one for you! blaugh

Loved the poems on your Profile BTW. Very nice story-telling. smile
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Report | 02/02/2013 7:35 pm


Dat Krylyr~
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Report | 02/02/2013 6:53 pm


Two M.Wyrms.

Scaary~ ; 3 ;

Out of curiosity what were the three units on the other portal?
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Report | 11/07/2012 5:04 pm


neeew...... caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaardsss....herrrre....?
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Report | 07/08/2012 2:27 pm


One of my only friends died in a car crash on friday
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Report | 04/22/2012 6:51 am


Omg Rogue I got hacked and i can't even gt my stuff back, what should I do cry
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Report | 04/02/2012 8:17 pm

Secret Temptress

alrighty, looks like we are reduced to go back to this since gaia is failing miserably right now. -_- Wanna do me a favor. Tell me what comes to mind when you see this picture.

http://i691.photobucket.com/albums/vv274/Sassbox456/Decorated images/965020-1-1.jpg
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Report | 02/21/2012 12:16 pm

omg babes1

Well i was declined to join that guild -_-
love your profile by the way
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Report | 02/12/2012 12:01 am


gaia_crown Thank you for purchasing! gaia_crown
yum_puddi You have a nice profile, by the way. yum_puddi
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Report | 01/29/2012 9:14 pm

momma babes1

▒▒▓▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▓ copy to 5 profiles then click F5 for 500,000gg
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Report | 12/06/2011 2:14 pm

Kyru Windwaker

well Gaia chat is pissing me the F*K off so I'mma head off for now and go to the rehearsal hall for the show case XD text me if you want/can
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Report | 10/02/2011 1:03 am


hey wonderful heart
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Report | 04/25/2011 6:53 pm

Legit epicness

enjoy ur lusty ~
Love, legit epicness.
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Report | 03/04/2011 11:52 pm


good just real busy lately haven't been able to come on much anymore and plus this game getting boring a bit
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Report | 03/04/2011 11:39 pm


hey long time no talk how u been
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Report | 02/20/2011 10:37 pm

Secret Temptress

It didn't wooooork!T-T
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Report | 02/20/2011 10:32 pm

Secret Temptress

Alrighty. Will do.
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Report | 02/20/2011 10:24 pm

Secret Temptress

Is it mine? I thought it was urs....lol . I geuss it did since you are offline and Kyru was online(even when her gaia was offline O.o)....idk how to fix it >.<"
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Report | 02/20/2011 9:40 pm

Secret Temptress

Im back
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