Yo Momma.

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Who am I, you ask?

Jessica is the name and I'm 23 years young.
I don't drink, I don't do drugs, but yes. I do smoke cigarettes.
My hobbies include, but are not limited to;
books, movies, laughing,
music, daydreaming,
wearing sweatpants, drinking mountain dew or pepsi,
eating cheese, fruit, veggies,
Randy Orton, the Harry Potter movies,
being tired, Gaia, etc, etc..

I'm random as a 3 dollar bill.
Live in Va. >D
I can't seen to keep my mind straight to write this.
I have a facebook, no you can't be my friend.
On twitter, I'm known as @CrazyLykWoah. I think. >.>;;

I RP, but only in group RP's.
I've an avid donator, it's a fault of mine.
Yes, I buy GC, don't judge me. d:
I love The Fosters, and The Blacklist!