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"Hey! Maybe we could find rare treasure if we explore this dungeon that looks like a man's dead head? She is sure the giant wiggling fingers won't attack; almost sure."

Name: Rizealia-Rose Josephine Carroll
Class: Prestigious & Wealthy
Gender: Female
Age: Can't remember
Favorite Things: Teddies/animal dolls, poetry, music, her own 'wonderland', stories
Hobby: Conspiracy theories & P.A.R.I. of occult investigations
Medical: Suffers from hallucinations, paranoia & 'Alice' syndrome; refers to herself in third-person

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IRL info!

LINE messenger: fairycircle Steam: Ask

Current obsession(s): Game of Thrones, .Hack (original games and G.U), Spongebob Squarepants
RL goal(s): Finish dental school, adopt albino ball python, see every attraction at Disney World
IRL Personality: Blunt, quirky, opinionated, indecisive at times, quickly annoyed by certain things
Pet-Peeves: Poor table manners, baby/child germs, people who smoke right next to you
Fun Fact: Has Tourette Syndrome, possesses an unnatural habit of ranting & is Irish

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