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Samhain Halloween

Report | 02/27/2015 9:49 pm

Samhain Halloween

Oh, so are you!! smile

Yeah, I wouldn't touch a wild snake, either. lol

I haven't tried drawing fashion too much before. I sometimes do it just because I don't like my characters looking plain, but that's it. I did once draw Lydia in a really cute outfit, though. A Tumblr/Blogger type outfit with coffee. XD

Well, DIsney isn't the one with the Harry Potter stuff, but yes I was just there and at Universal with the Harry Potter areas last summer. smile

It CAN be smothered by Disney and Universal... But not until I get there. Getting there on a plane takes 6 hours. In a car takes 3 days. 6 hours or three days gives me enough time to freak out because I can't just run home and cope if I need to.

Oh ty. smile I'm actually doing a few of the things on that site already. As it turns out, I have GAD from my trauma. It used to not be so bad because I believed I could always trust everyone, but now I've got GAD because I don't really feel like I can trust people...
Samhain Halloween

Report | 02/27/2015 2:28 pm

Samhain Halloween

Hey! TY for the friend request! smile I agree, Cousin BJ is pretty entertaining. I've seen some people on Deviant Art base their kid OC for Beej and Lyds on Cousin BJ. XD Well, actually, my characters are usually anxiety free and I only have the bravery to act like one when I'm not having too much anxiety... So they don't really have the issues I do.

Haha I always feel tempted to make my twins do that but then that never happens because my parent characters are always the types to make like the mom and dad on Costume Quest and make their kids learn to work together. XD

Yeah but this current professor is having a hard time coaxing me out of it somehow. I'm kinda non-functional in class. At home, late late late at night/early morning is when I finally become functional enough and as soon as I do, I am asked to go to bed. :T

I don't really have plans for after I graduate. I can't stand leaving this place, so I'm not gonna be moving anytime soon. (Although if I didn't have the anxiety, you bet your butt I'd quit this place and go move right next to Disney World!!) I'm mostly just gonna stay here and be an editor. Fine by me except the part of me that remembers not having anxiety is gonna be longing for Disney. ;w;

When I have anxiety a lot of things that are fun to most people don't work for me. But it's funny because, when I am depressed WITHOUT anxiety, those things do work. Like last year, before I had this anxiety, I was just depressed and when I went to Disney World, I rode the Mad Tea Party Tea Cups one of the nights I was there. After I rode it once, I realized it made my heart not feel so low. So I went again several more times since there was no line. My depression cleared up then for like a MONTH.

But if I get spun around on anxiety, I just get sick.

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Nice! My fave number cool
Well, woke up at 2 AM and couldn't sleep anymore emo

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Oh nice!
Nothing much, might go take a nap XD

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So, whatchu doing? emotion_c8

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Well, since I'm being nice about it they should bring some over for us XD

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They really wanna play it. As long as they enjoy it, I'm okay with it.
We'll have other times to watch things together 3nodding

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Maybe! Today they have the day off, but they're getting the new monster hunter game so they'll most likely be too busy playing that rofl

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Haven't started it yet unfortunately. We don't have the same time schedule these days crying

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Yup, yup 3nodding


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