Welcome to my profile. I'm a 23 year old female living in Cali, born and raised. I've been on this website since 2004, so a lot of things have changed since those times.

I enjoy writing, reading, sketching and meditation as time passers. I've taken up cooking and baking recently as well since I left my old job smile
My career goal is to become a surgical nurse, I've always had a bit of an eye for anything in the medical field, I guess I only found out recently I like cutting things open as well biggrin

http://imgur.com/a/BaOIX Dream Avi!

http://imgur.com/G2JEoE5 My face. Cat included.

To anyone visiting, I have a quest for you~

I'm trying to raise money for my Phlebotomy training, its a little over 2,000 for the tuition. However, I work two jobs here in Cali and its still not enough. With my monthly expenses and with how little I get paid between both jobs I simply can't make enough to pay it off in the month I'm given. If I don't pay it off on time, I wont be able to go onto my externship. This could be huge in my career and I really really need any help I can get! Rather you donate 5$ or simply share and encourage your friends to share, I would so grateful! Thank you!

https://www.gofundme.com/tiffanys-phlebotomy-training <---GoFundMe