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Gender: Female

Birthday: 07/23


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So, I'm Chy. So you can call me Chy, Bunny or ChyBunny. Any of those are fine c:
I'm 19, born in the middle of summer on July 23rd.
I'm bi-romantic and asexual meaning I'm romantically attracted to males and females, but sexually attracted to no one.
And please don't bother with 'Oh, you just need to have sex. Oh, you just don't understand.' Nah, ******** that. I understand sex completely, I'm just not one for it.
For some reason lately I've been obsessed with merpeople. Like, sweet baby cheez its.
Uh, I babysit for a job right now.
I love to dye my hair.
I have a sugar glider.
I love watching Markiplier, Achievement Hunter, Minx, Krism, Cry, Thread Bangers,The English Simmer and Grav3yard Girl.
Also, I'm married to a sexy redhead; Rin Matsuoka.

Want to know anything else, just ask c:

My sexuality is Rin Matsuoka <3

Background from here

Also, a big thanks to Dezzy for
dealing with me changing hair
colours so many times xD