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Here on the Light side
We hold the colours of the Moon
In our hands held skyward
Stars in our hair
The sun in our Hearts

Here on the Dark side
We dance in the shadows
Nightmares and chains
Our nightly plans
Here on the darker side of life
You find its far more fun


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Nemo Noctum

Report | 06/21/2015 12:28 pm

Nemo Noctum

I'll be heading back home shortly (spending the weekend with my folks for father's day)
so i'll be offline for a few hours but should be back on in a few.

sa'laymon's profile is up for the most part, just missing the history, just let me know what you think, and we can discuss his and fer'daiy's history together later.
Nemo Noctum

Report | 06/18/2015 5:28 pm

Nemo Noctum

i have images of a certain 'male of interest' coming in on our latest scene lol rofl
Nemo Noctum

Report | 06/16/2015 4:42 pm

Nemo Noctum

i've seem most of it, i don't necessarily watch it episode by episode on tv, but i do enjoy watching it o netflix when it comes on.
i've been watching Arrow mostly as of late, but season 3 is done and season 4 hasn't started yet.

I'm too far behind supernatural so i need to wait for it to come on netflix to watch, and of course i don't have cable so i can't watch Doctor Who, plus new episodes of Sherlock aren't out yet. OH THE AGONY emotion_0A0
Nemo Noctum

Report | 06/16/2015 4:31 pm

Nemo Noctum

me thinks you may need something else. O Death a song from supernatural is my text msg notification. lion king is my main ring tone lol disney girl at heart
Nemo Noctum

Report | 06/16/2015 4:26 pm

Nemo Noctum

oh that's too bad

my cell is different. in that instance i hate making calls to people i don't know...the stranger faction makes me uncomfortable.
i always make sure my ringtones are ones i like or enjoy...or find funny
Nemo Noctum

Report | 06/16/2015 4:11 pm

Nemo Noctum

i'm the receptionist now so it's my job - unfortunately.
they make me uncomfortable and nervous. plus i'm easily pissed off by them constantly ringing.

frayga up, she needs to keep her mouth shut.
Nemo Noctum

Report | 06/16/2015 3:53 pm

Nemo Noctum

eek -hits the floor- i had a decent day....not hard answering phones all day. irks me off though i hate bloody phones
Nemo Noctum

Report | 06/16/2015 3:46 pm

Nemo Noctum

i'm home and ready to do some official rping. hehe
Nemo Noctum

Report | 06/16/2015 2:59 pm

Nemo Noctum

Will vertu shortly be leaving work yay
Nemo Noctum

Report | 04/30/2015 5:46 am

Nemo Noctum

rikki crying emotion_0A0 i misses you so emotion_bigheart
when do i get to speak to you again, i miss our talks