"Because....I am so..very.........ugly....And they are...so.. very...............beautiful."-Frankenstein's monster

Hey! So you wanna know about me? I'll tell you some basic information that you need to know then *smiles*

My name is Rika Shirazaki. I'm an expirament of Hojo- though, I don't know what exactly I am. I have some traits of a vampric being- like sharp teeth, tand a tail, but I also have wings (though, my wings look more like the disheveled grey wings of a fallen angel, instead of perfect white pair of wings or demonic bat wings). My tail is very rarely seen except for those..'special' occasions. I do have to drink blood, though it's not my only nurishment. Somehow, someway, through my expiramentations, a dormant recessive blood disorder was brought to the surface and now I have it- Thalassemia. Instead of actually blood transfussions with a needle and such, I use these. *taps fangs* It's easier that way most of the time, though it doesn't stop me from drinking from a blood bag. I shudder at the thought of feeding off an unwilling person. I have to say that the most abnormal quality that I possess is my ever changing eye color. My eyes most resemble a mood ring because the color of my eyes depend on my emotions. Most of the time, this is the most annoying and abhorred trait that I possess, for I have yet to have an occasion where this has been positive. I still remain hopeful for the discovery of its goodness. I have yet to discover any other qualities that I have, assuming that there might be more of course.

I'm a 2nd class Soldier. I train under my instructor, Miss Miyazaki (though she normally goes by Missy) who is a 1st class Soldier. She is the only person that I kept close to me for the longest time. She's a spectacular woman whom I admire and greatly respect- and I find myself thinking of her more like a mother. I guess you could say she has very much been a mother to me ever since I came to work for ShinRa. She recently got married to a wonderful person called Mr. 2D~. He's a super cute and akward, but he's one of the sweetest and most caring people I've met! Those two are so cute together, I just think that they make the cutest couple~! Since Miss Miyazaki got married, I should probably call her Mrs. Pot... but she'll always be 'Miss Miyazaki' to me~.

Recently, my father came back into the picture of my life. His name is Donovan Castette. I love him very much as he is my dad~ As much as I am happy to have him back, there is someone that will always be missing- my mother, Melina. She's the person that I miss most in this world. I dream about her all the time- mostly dreams about her death, but sometimes I'll dream that I'm talking to her like we used to and she'll brush my hair.. *laughs a little* Childish, I know, but I'll be with her again someday. Anyway, about my Dad~ He's a tall, cool, blond french man~ He seems like a big cold stone of intimidation, but he does the nicest things for people and always keeps others in mind.

Then there's Ash........There's not much to say other than he's a fellow student and he has a companion that is always with him, Pikachu. *smiles sadly* He was my first love- for a while he showed me just that. Love. And what it means to love someone. I've learned a lot from my time with him- i learned about myself and some life leasons. I'll always carry these leasons, these feelings with me. I don't think i'll ever find anyone to take his place, nor can i forget him. I gave him my heart, and my heart will stay with him in the state it is in. Broken in pieces.

Lets see, who else...

Oh! There's Mr. Reeve! He's the Commisioner of the WRO. *grins* He sounds scary, but he loves brownies~. And I'm happy to make them for him or anyone else for that matter. I find him funny and really enjoy making cookies with him. ^^

Mr. Reeve has a daugher, and her name is KT. KT is, by far, the coolest and one of the most prettiful and cutest girls ever! She's also my best and only friend~. She gets hit on by a bunch of creeps though. *frowns* If i could always do so, I'd be her bug spray 24/7 or whenever she needed me.

There's also someone named Reno. This red head is spontaneous and crazy cool~! And older than he looks. *snickers* He's like my fighting buddy. If I can't train with Miss Miyazaki, he's the first person I go to. I'm starting to think of him more as a friend, considering all that he's done for me. He really comes through when you need him, regardless of his partyboy nature, yo!

Now, there's someone I have mixed feelings about and his name is Alec. He's done some hateful, cruel, abussive and scarring things to me in the past but now we're on good terms. Actually, if I had a brother, I imagine he'd be like Alec. Annoying and loud and always embarassing or making fun of me, but he makes me feel better when I'm down in the pits. Besides, he even says he's like my personal punching bag, so why not use the opportunity? *laughs* I used to, but he's..changed, somehow. I think it's cause he met somebody.

There's one more thing- I'm going to be a god-mother soon~~! To an adorable little boy called Severus, son of Mrs. Danni and Mr. Griffith. I adore Mrs. Danni and greatly respect and admire Mr. Griffith. I just hope the two are ready for me to completely spoil their child as a good god-mother would~. *giggles* I'm so excited!

Miss Miyazaki
making friends
training and fighting
rainy days
warm showers/ hot baths
meeting people
singing (when no one can hear her)

people who are rude, sarcastic, mean, jerks, unappreiative, who talk down to her or others
people who speak illy of her family or friends
sad things
worrying or burdoning others

So that's all I can tell you for now! If you want to know more about me, you can send me a pm. *waves* Bye~!

(I drew this =D )
(and to get a better understanding of what Rika looks like, you can visit my deviant art page, which is right...here deviantart.com thankies >w<)


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Okay, so this journal, much like my real one, has just a bunch of random....stuff. Oh, ya know, stuff like what i'm thinking, things i need other people's oppinions on, and some stuff about my made up character Rika. So just take a look........you kn


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