Hello! My Name is Ridley Starsmore!

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A quick synopsis about myself and what I do on gaia!

I'm Ridley, but I also answer to Rids or Starsmore. I also answer to Bunny, Bunneh, and other bunny based nicknames.

If you have been to the GCD in the past couple years, you have likely seen me there.

Offline, I'm actually a guy, and a happy husband and father who likes Final Fantasy and Fighting games!

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RyanJakobi Report | 07/05/2017 9:15 am
No rabbits? SCANDALOUS! Demand your money back this instant! gonk
RyanJakobi Report | 07/03/2017 8:59 am
Congrats on the bundle! I trust there are plenty of rabbit items in there. I am lacking in the rabbit department.

Also, rabbits. gaia_kittenstar
Anamosa Valentine Report | 07/02/2017 7:16 pm
Anamosa Valentine
You... now want to collect every single katana in Gaia? o.o You seem to be in the habit of getting into very difficult quests!
RyanJakobi Report | 06/07/2017 8:44 am
*offers carrot* emotion_omnomnom
Anamosa Valentine Report | 12/24/2016 10:19 pm
Anamosa Valentine
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Anamosa Valentine Report | 12/20/2016 6:38 pm
Anamosa Valentine
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Anamosa Valentine Report | 06/07/2016 3:02 am
Anamosa Valentine
Hey Rids, I thought I'd share with you the news that I finally acquired the same golden donut you've quested for. And the best part of it was: I never gotten any help or donations or spent a single Gaia Cash. Maybe you were right it was somewhat an easy quest. ^_~
Anamosa Valentine Report | 11/04/2015 4:42 am
Anamosa Valentine
Hi Rids! It just occurred me while playing FFTA2 that you may like Vieras if you're dressed as a bunny in Gaia. They're a beautiful, slender, bunny-like race that I love having into my clan in the game. ^.~
Anamosa Valentine Report | 10/14/2015 10:51 pm
Anamosa Valentine
I think this is the first time I'm seeing your avatar without bunny ears. ^.~

Hello Rids ~
Anamosa Valentine Report | 09/17/2015 7:02 pm
Anamosa Valentine
You're welcome! How did your day go? Got presents from your wife and kids?

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