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A quick synopsis about myself and what I do on gaia!

I'm Ridley, but I also answer to Rids or Starsmore. I also answer to Bunny, Bunneh, and other bunny based nicknames.

If you have been to the GCD in the past couple years, you have likely seen me there.

Offline, I'm actually a guy, and a happy husband and father who likes Final Fantasy and Fighting games!

These are my friends. Request away, if you wish. But if I don't know you, I may turn you down. Nothing Personal, but I like to know my friends.

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Slick Southpaw Report | 07/18/2014 9:39 pm
Slick Southpaw
eeee thanks for posting that! whee

Nagini did the same thing except with pringles cans that i cleaned out xd
Jayce Reinhardt Report | 07/14/2014 12:50 pm
Jayce Reinhardt
It's always the cute ones you have to watch out for.
Jayce Reinhardt Report | 07/14/2014 12:45 pm
Jayce Reinhardt
I always knew you were a badass.
Jayce Reinhardt Report | 07/14/2014 12:37 pm
Jayce Reinhardt
So you came up in my one of SF threads and they called you Ripley by accident, lol
HDMI Report | 07/03/2014 7:19 am
I KNOW! emotion_awesome
I hope she goes with the supernatural event, I'm so in for that one. emotion_omnomnom emotion_kirakira

HDMI Report | 07/03/2014 7:04 am
Nope, only thing that would interest me enough to voice is supernatural and that's been done.
That's it for me. Now I sit & wait.

HDMI Report | 07/03/2014 7:01 am
Thanks, but I'm pretty much done. Lol. No point anymore.
HDMI Report | 07/03/2014 6:58 am
Oh I see, goodluck. : )
HDMI Report | 07/03/2014 6:46 am
Given up on the halo & now going for a sapphire ticket instead?
DC-Chan Report | 07/03/2014 6:02 am
YES. Even though it's a little too CGI for my tastes, I see where they're going with it.

I hope Luna has a ridiculous voice like in the original, dubbed version. rofl

I love my stalkers and haters. I feel loved. <3

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