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Kisaki Akimika Report | 09/07/2015 12:12 am
Kisaki Akimika
Thank you so MUCH for everything!! crying
Kisaki Akimika Report | 09/07/2015 12:11 am
Kisaki Akimika
Thank You so MUCH!! redface gonk crying
azn saun Report | 01/20/2015 9:48 pm
azn saun
yah im doing good i been soloing thses days palying games
azn saun Report | 03/08/2014 11:16 pm
azn saun
oo hahah its all good man spring comeing out soon so mabe u will by then
Princess Spaghetti Report | 03/08/2014 10:10 pm
Princess Spaghetti
I'm great, you?
How have you been?
I've been good
Where have you been? biggrin
How is Aki?
Princess Spaghetti Report | 03/08/2014 11:20 am
Princess Spaghetti
RICHIE biggrin D
azn saun Report | 01/30/2014 5:58 pm
azn saun
I miss you, I think I'm in love with you

------ps it was sauna----------
Princess Spaghetti Report | 12/18/2013 7:52 pm
Princess Spaghetti
Princess Spaghetti Report | 12/07/2013 10:27 pm
Princess Spaghetti
gonk Sorry I moved early so I didn't have internet to be able to get on and play with you guys. I have it now though, so I should be able to play when everyone is on :]] dramallama dramallama dramallama
azn saun Report | 11/08/2013 6:24 pm
azn saun
happy B day!


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