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Richard Ray Taylor

The way I RolePlay: Apparently I need to explain Roleplay 101 since it seems most roleplayers on this site don't know how.
First off: (()) <----- This?!!? when I speak in parenthesis like ((this)) or (this) means ooc, Out of character. Meaning that I am speaking out of the character I am playing to say rl things or just say anything that isn't within the contexts of the roleplay.

Now apparently there is some confusion in how deep I am with my character and the roleplay. I heavy Rp. Meaning I am TOTALLY ic, in character, for those that don't know.

When someone messages IC, It would have to be in a way that would make it so its an offset to my characters physically, like an email or a text message or real mail like in a mailbox. And when I am in towns or Hollywood would mean that my character is there physically.

You would ask why don't I just roleplay in forums? Well thats cause I don't have the patience to refresh my page every second just so I could read a whole entire paragraph on a character just walking through a door. Now that we have that out of the way

And on the subject of Richard combined with the TV show: Supernatural, Don't associate them at all nor try to down that canon into him (Seeing as how everyone will have their own versions of monsters and demons anyway, that would seem smart). I don't ******** watch that show nor have I seen a single episode. So please don't assume I made him in tribute or in honor of it cause I've had the base idea for Richard LONG before that show ever existed. And i'm positive the idea for someone hunting supernatural creatures has been around for quite some time before then.

Now with that being said. Go ahead and message me if you are wanting to rp or to ask any questions! I am a very keen roleplayer so i'm up for anything pretty much! So please don't be shy!


Real Name: Richard Ray Taylor (Rick for short)

Born: January 7th, 1967

Age: 46

Height: 6'6

Weight: 248 lb

Family: 1 Baby sister, 2 Younger brothers and 1 older brother And a Mother and Father (Who ALL are alive. And these are his real family members. Not that 'I'm gonna call a close friend a brother and i'm gonna call this other one my sister' Bullshit)

Species: Human

Race: Caucasian/African-American Mixed

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Body Build: Noticeable body fat that covers what is lightly thicker muscle. Not a fat guy but he sure as hell can hit the gym here and there but since hes kind of lazy that will never happen

Attitude:: Just that typical old grumpy man who wants to get the job done. He might seem like an a*****e on the outside but thats because he needs to be discrete considering his job is to hunt or slay those he is paid for

Likes: To get his jobs done, Money, Alcohol, Coffee, To meet new people, Television, His family, Buying new equipment, Sleeping, Messing around with others, Making fun of people in their face,

Hates: Smoking (Yet he does it anyway), Arrogant Youngsters, People of higher power who abuses it or tries to use it as an excuse to get others to go under their heel, Sexism (In this regard, He means to 'Respect someone else cause of their sex' Bullshit. Richard treats both the same but that doesn't mean hes nice to either), Respecting others if there isn't a reason for it or if they aren't paying him, Winter

Occupation: A Monster Hunter for hire. Meaning he will almost do anything so long as Supernatural Creatures are involved. Body guarding, Assassinating, Looking for supernatural involved things

In a way you may call this his Underground Resume:Expert at killing Vampires, Werewolves, Or anything Corporeal and not paranormal since that isn't his field of work. He may not be compliant to the client at all times but so long as he gets his pay and the job done he will do as tasked. He can bodyguard a client but only at certain times since he does other business or other jobs. Now depending on how much the client is paying him, he may cut those other things shorter or even off completely to do so. He can help one search for, or help in finding someone they are looking for.

Fighting style(When hes not using his weapons and only his fists): Nothing specific, But he is a powerhouse meaning: He hits very very slow but sacrifices the speed with raw power, Which also incorporates a lot of grappling/wrestling style moves. Though you should watch yourself for he may cheat if his pride isn't intact at the moment


Practical Weapons:These are his normal weapons which he usually keeps on him most of the time


Ithica Sawed-Off Double barrel shotgun. Twin Triggered: Stake slugs and silver slabs as ammo (Magicammo is below)

.32 colt Revolver: Silver bullets as ammo (Magic ammo is below)


Silver jungle machete He usually carries only one for weight and convenient purposes but has many for occasion

Turn-style Wooden Stake:You know how the mechanic behind a lipstick works? Just do the same with a Six inch wooden stake

Silver Knuckles: Bite me if you don't know

Magic Enhanced Weapons: Rick once told a 'Dear' Friend of his once. As the world around you changes, so must you if you want to live. Seeing as how there are demons and angels running amok, He has went out of his way to get weapons that may harm or even kill some of those enemies. THESE weapons he may or may not have on him all the time since they are rare or he may not even have at the time


Rune Written Combat Knife: This Small Knife has Runes on it that has the magical powers of unnatural distortion (In other words, supernaturals). If it sinks into the skin of a supernatural creature, you can guarantee its going to hurt and leave scar or a gash in place since its meant to rip apart creatures with magical tendencies. Which would mean its even able to cut through those who have barrier enhanced skin or fields.

Silver Knuckles: These metal knuckles are not only silver, but they have been bathed and infused with Minotaur blood. When Richard puts this on, His hand's veins and blood will convulse, Making each blow nearly thrice a normal human's strength. But there is indeed drawbacks to this oracular device. Since it basically infuses his hand's blood and muscles with a being's whos strength is godly that of a humans: This is very painful to wear. When he takes this off he will definitely feel pain and sore as it turns to normal. And if he wears this TOO long, It is possible his hand may even go completely dead from the pressure.


Ammo for Revolver:

Yuan-Ti's Venom: This Venom is from the reptilian race known as the yuan-ti and is from the ones that are able to produce venom. This 'Bullet' resembles a kind of capsule that holds a purplish neon liquid. Once this is shot into a normal human being like himself, It would leave the person paralyzed appearing practically catatonic almost as if they were dead. Though if shot into a supernatural being, this effect will vary. If shot into an undead physical creature, it will hinder their movements to a great degree. And if shot into anything else [Demonic, Angelic, Spiritual or Magical beings]. It would nearly do the same to what it would do to a human but it would do acidic damage similar to how holy water burns some types of Demons.

Ammo for Shotgun:

Black Rock: Rick nicknames this Black Rock since it looks like a.... well black rock. More specifically a cylinder shaped rock that, when shot at a moving creature, alive or dead, would immediately explode into a basketball sized spiked ball that would resemble an urchin. When the being continues to move, so will the ball, basically impaling them inside and out. It can get as big from a beachball into a truck if the being is big enough

Other Equipment:

Stone Thread:He nicknamed it that but he isn't proud of it. What this is, is basically imagine your regular everyday dental floss, but then turn it into this unbreakable string. This string is made of out melted church crosses so it has the elements of holy magic. And for those who are harmed by it depending on the user's faith, Richard's faith would be moderate

His glasses:Now this is where things get interesting [If you aren't bored that is]. His glasses may look normal and they are indeed his reading glasses but the lenses are made of a special magical material that hones two abilities.
1.prevents hypnosis, drowsiness, or any other mind affecting ability. However if the glasses are removed then their power is rendered completely useless and he would have to use his own will to fight the power.
2. This allows him to see Ghost or Corporeal beings (Such as ghosts, wraiths and banshees) And the like, but again only through the glasses. And he would be able to see them but that doesn't mean he can touch or hear them. At the same time, they would not be able to sense or 'know' that he is able to see them, even if they couldn't anyway.

Green Substance:Everyday Richard syringes himself with this green substance as soon as he wakes up from sleep. What this oozy substance does is prevents the Monster races that have the ability to turn others into their same curse or poison into them, Completely immune to himself. Though Injecting this into him is no easy task, as it is indeed VERY painful to the point he needs to bite down on a towel roll or a wooden bar just for the pain it causes his body for the 10 seconds of working

'Special Cologne': Everyday along with the liquid he sticks himself with, He also sprays himself with this white and clear cologne. This may seem like your ordinary 'Old spice' Cologne but it actually cancels out and completely dissipates his human scent. Its made out of this special herbs and bathed in salts so when mixed with human skin, would make it almost non-existent. So basically those who are keen to smelling creatures based on their race, They would smell nothing from that person. Though his other scents are still active like alcohol and cigarettes, So unless he is in a crowd of people, this may come in handy to those who do.

Skills: Since Richard has had Twenty-Plus of hunting, he has a number of skills that tie in with his experience.

Hunter's eyes: He is able to see and react to those who have enhanced speed. He would make quick reactions and on-the-spot decisions if not completely guessing in combat or otherwise.

Durability: If someone stabs him in the stomach or bits his arm, he would indeed feel the pain of it but he would still be able to fight off or do what he was doing in moments prior to the pain.

Keen Hearing: He's no werewolf or jungle creature of any kind but that doesn't mean he isn't keen on his hearing, since again, his job consists of finding and hunting creatures on his payroll.

Very Humanly Strong: While he is still human and non-enhanced biologically, He is still quite strong for a human being considering his size and mass. He might not be able to punch or dent stone of course, but if he made a complete swing to another person, You can guarantee a tooth or here there is going to break or fall out.

Bio: Why don't you ask him?

None at the moment

Work Dependency: Right now Rick is very eager to find work or assignments so long as the money is in his possession when the job is done. You can say at the moment he has a very, very, veeery hungry bank account.... (And NO of course I am not speaking of giving me gold or anything, just within the contexts of story XD)

Real Life Me?!
Name: Starts with a D and ends with a N and rhymes with clayman
Location: Nebraska
Relationship: How about you ask me smilies/icon_biggrin.gif
Interests: Pretty much nothing you haven't heard before. Video games, Good Tv, anything that involves nerdom.
Age: Here's a Hint. Its between the ages of 18 and 99


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Bellevieve Report | 01/05/2014 10:47 pm

"Bell-eh-veev! Not Believe!" She chirped. It was a common error. So common that she didn't bat an eye to it. "Bellevieve Stone. I have business cards if you need them..! Oh.." The necromancer offered, delighted, although her confidence faltered at last second. He hardly seemed the type to carry around such a thing. Especially if he was as skeptical and superstitious as she was reading him to be...
"Not that it matters! I'm sure you'd be able to find me if need be. I'll stop following you now. Have a good day..! And I mean it!" One broad wave later, and she'd spin around back towards her shop.
Bellevieve Report | 01/04/2014 8:20 am

"My magic and their spirit?" She giggled, before shaking her head. "No, no. That's silly. You sound like an old man, wary of the new age! It's all very natural. I pull their spirit from the other side myself. Magic is only used to help the spirit settle into the body." Of course she was leaving out plenty of information, but no one liked to hear about the more controversial parts of the process. "Bellevieve Stone is my name. If you ever change your mind."
Bellevieve Report | 01/04/2014 1:26 am

"What?" She blinked, genuinely confused. "I am borrowing from Death. I do return them! After my client has finished with the reunion. That's what I sell. An hour or two with a loved one. It's innocent, I swear." She smiled.
Bellevieve Report | 01/03/2014 8:26 pm

"That is all I ask! Thank you." She curtsied a bit. "Yes. Necromancy is my job. I have a little shop downtown. Small place, but it gets plenty enough business. If you were ever interested, that is..!"
Bellevieve Report | 01/03/2014 3:31 pm
She smirked.

"I can use my head, but not everyone uses theirs! Not to mention- have you seen a phoenix feather before? They are simply gorgeous. And when it is reborn, oh, it catches flame! I would have kept one..." Absentmindedly, she fiddled with the small feline skull holding her top together. In her head, she was daydreaming of adding a little feather to her already-cluttered wardrobe. But the thought passed.

"You're right. Some could track you...but that's why I was offering to take them off your hands. Or if you do complete a job, and need a little extra cash, you could possibly risk it to deliver. I'm in awfully dire need of a Minotaur horn for a client, you see. And you don't have to kill it! You never do for me. I'd prefer you didn't."
Bellevieve Report | 01/03/2014 2:10 pm
She took her 'compliment' happily, and grinned wide.

"Thank you! But I never thought of you as a collector. I thought of you as a brute that might keep grotesque trophies!" She explained. There was no hint of malice in her voice, nor did she ever mean to insult. "Souvenirs, basically!"
Bellevieve Report | 01/03/2014 1:43 pm

"Neither!" She chirped. The response was enough to cause her to part from her path and turn around to follow his. Whether or not he desired it, he now had a pesky shadow. "I'm a necromancer. Bringing the dead back to the world of the living is my profession, service, and life. I don't deal much in charms, either...but I'm sure you can see why I wanted those things from you."
Bellevieve Report | 01/03/2014 1:19 pm
That time he hit a nerve. The clicking of her heels halted, and she turned around to face him once more. She wasn't angry (the aloof thing never was), but her head tilted to the side as she tried to uncover the reasons for his strong distaste.

"When you deal with corpses and widows all day, work can be dreary. It is astounding what bright colors and glitter can do for the spirits. What is your excuse, Mister?"
Bellevieve Report | 01/03/2014 12:26 pm
"You don't have to be those things to experience loss." She hummed, and spun around on her heel.

"We all know death. He favors some over others (oh, such a tragic thing, too!), but we all know him." She sighs, airily. Then with a loving smile, he continues forward on her way. "I hope your spirits improve. Good day!"
Bellevieve Report | 01/03/2014 12:11 pm
She pouts, before sighing softly.

"You've experienced a lot of loss in your life, haven't you?"