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I will just be using it for outfits really, like Yulen



Ria Ameino

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Birthday: 11/10

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Shaking me down my lonely logic finds,
Another thorn of this envy
in my side
Called Heart break


I like helping and being with people, I used to be very depressive but I am doing a lot better thanks to my yueyue. I am not as easy to weasel things out of as I am stingy with my stuff. I love meeting new people so any new questions are loved. thank you n.n
also I am an author who is considering posting her stories on here, will think about it!

Elements: Water/snow/fire
Animal: Rabbit
color: Blue


7 gifts received

  • Carrot Nom

    From ???

  • Seven Day Courtship

    From ???

  • Blue Captain Warrior

    From Yulen Xoshxius

  • Silver Tiara with Sapphire

    From Yulen Xoshxius

  • Navy Hellion Mask

    From Yulen Xoshxius

  • Blue Cloudy Short Kimono

    From Yulen Xoshxius

  • Sora Furisode

    From Yulen Xoshxius

Yulen Xoshxius

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