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Love these ppl : D

Whoever gifted me the Absolute Maiden and wanted to get to know me, pm me pls! I want to thank and know you too!

Whoever gifted me all this stuff on Feb 14th: Brilliant Instant Doki, Fallen Marionette Restrung, Solemn Lolita, Bubblegum Pandaista, Ghastly Adorkable Bea and Secret birb Squad; I want to say thank you and I appreciate these gifts, but, I would love to know who you (all) are.

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More anons XD Whoever gifted me the Teddy March, Melty Spoilt Milk, Astra: B.Blue Winking Purity Eyes and Reinvigorated Frail Vestige, pls pm me! I want to thank you :D