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My two older brothers and I took up fighting skills and with them vowed to protect the village elder. Sort of a military role seen in your world. We each would be gifted a powerful secret. My oldest brother gained the ability sync water elements with his punches, doing so added vital weakpoints to become even weaker. The middle brother grew the ability to freeze things solid. His punches were best with slowing his targets. As for me, I learned the power of flame, I can conjure fire with my fists if I attack fast enough, scorching the earth around me. Each of us were assigned these powers in case we were to betray one another. The water could take out the fire, the fire take out the ice, and the ice water, should it be necessary.

One day while on guard duty, my brothers were enjoying the day off and figured things were just fine. They came to my position and begged for me to sneak out and hang out with them during the day. A clever trick, I never saw it coming. Considering it's been so many months since we have all three been together, I foolishly decided to and joined them in a few games and runs through the forest. When I returned, havoc was among the village. My brothers and I rushed through a crowd of chaos and horrified citizens, after I escaped the crowd, I lost my two brothers, they were nowhere in sight. I pushed forward to the center of attention, and I felt the shivers strike down my spine. The closer I grew to it, the more I realized I was running towards the Village Elders temple.

By the time I reached the temple, the room was sent up in flames. Fire was melting away each and every little bit of building it could, but I powered through to the Village Elder. He was dying, but still was able to survive for a few seconds more. I tried my best to pull him from the pile of collapsed buildings, but it was no use. All he told me was that I was innocent, and someone had broken into the temple using fire strikes to kill him.

I never thought of it at the time, but once I rushed out of the crumbling building, fingers were pointed my direction. "That's her! She's the one that can abuse fire!" "She's the fire element! It was her!" I felt a painful thud against the back of my head, and blacked out. When I awoke I was in front of a crowd of angry faces. Each of them ready to throw anything they could find at me. Two guards kept me down as another was conjuring a portal to another dimension. They banished me for a crime I didn't commit, and I've been here seeking a way to return, in hopes of acting out revenge to whoever it was that killed my Village Elder.


I need...more....POWER!
Secrets kept are weapons wasted.
Tradition is nothing more than the corpse of wisdom.

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Just a bit of a warning.Do NOT get too attached to the idea of becoming anything more than friends. This is gaia. I don't take it seriously, all I'm here for is to express my ideas and stories through role-play. Nothing more, nothing less.

I've been on Gaia less and Recolor.me more often as of late. I apologize for people trying to talk to me on here. I'll try and get on more!

best friend ever omg --->