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Revolution Panda
Mr Warbles





Yes I draw, and I love doing it.
I started drawing quite a long time ago.
I'm open for commissions, at certain prices.
I never put down RL commissions.
I am open to art trades if I like your style.
I do OCs, Avis, Animals, Fanart, You name it!
The art on my page, is drawn by me. <3


I am always looking to buy items.
Hard To Sell. Bulk. Inventories. Hoards.
New, Old, Pretty, Ugly.
You may PM me about it if you are looking to sell.
I do not like this inflation that happened while I was away.
But I do love all the new items.
I wish they would fix up the site better though...


I have many addictions in this game.
Giving away items is one of them.
I love to help people and make them smile.
I enjoy company and friends.
I regularly hold giveaways.
The more I have, the more I give away.
Do not beg me for anything, be patient.
The main reason I host giveaways...
Is because the feeling I get when I win something or get a gift.
I want to give everyone that feeling. (:

Revolution Panda

Welcome to my profile.
My name is Panda, but you can call me whatever you like.
I hang around the exchange most of my days.
I have an obsession with changing my avatar and items.
I love to draw anything and everything.
I love new avis from tektek, rewards will be given.
I think my age does not matter, everyone here is judged by how they act anyways.
I'm either really busy, or really bored.
I'm mad over video games and electronics.
I play League of Lengends mostly. IGN Revolution Panda
My childhood wasn't perfect, but I'm still alive.
I'm a straightforward person. Sorry if it's harsh sometimes.
I live on an island in the middle of the pacific. Hawaii.
I don't agree with the government.
I am currently farming for a living.
I am working on gardening as well for a self sustainable living.
I own one of the softest fluffies cats with a huge attitude.
She has many names. CrookShanks, Wittlies, Widwidz, WittleBunz.
I'm boring, and exciting.
Thats about it.