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Hey, my name is Robin. I am your stereotypical teenage blogger obsessed with fictional characters, television shows, and superheroes. I am fifteen years old and am currently attending my sophomore year of highschool. I'm infatuated with comics, video games, roleplaying, music, and dancing alone in my bedroom. I am a panromantic demisexual interested in aesthetic beauty/the "finer" things in life, and I am kind of hard to manage. I am pretty level-headed despite my obnoxious personality and many of my friends know that they can come to me for advice and when they need to know that they're acting stupid. I believe strongly in horoscopes/western astrology and I hope to do great things one day.

"There is something behind those masks, you're just afraid to face it. You're not running away from who you are, you're running away from who you think you're becoming--but you don't have to face it alone."