Hiya there! I'm Jenna most people call me Jenn I use to go by WildCard.
I'm currently eighteen years old!
Wants to move to Canada
Been on gaia since 07' obviously this is not my first account.
I roleplay on gaia more then anything honestly. Well World of Warcraft comes to a tie. Gaia and WoW is where I spend most my time.
I'm very indecisive, good at giving advice but not taking it.
I'm a gamer girl! Best thing about me I believe. I play a lot of different systems I have to say I play pc games the most.
I want to become a Vet, Equine Vet , Video Game Graphic Designer.
I'm the biggest horse lover ever!
More things I love: Huskies, Anime, Music, Reading, Writing, Drawing, Rping, Riding horses etc...
Pretty much all my besties have a gaia account.
As a person I'm very approachable and funny! ^-^
Send me a pm sometime!
~ Main Account is Kuroah
Last edited on : 8/9/15