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Hello! The name's Reno Takamiya, but everyone just calls me Reno!

I'm 22 years old and I've been gaming for awhile. I own a PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, Tablet, Smartphone, Nintendo 2DS and PC.

My Philosophy Is: "To never limit my gaming experience." Which means that I'll end up purchasing each new handheld/console that ends up releasing at one point or another.


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OctoCamo Report | 01/28/2017 8:18 am
Sounds good. I'm glad to know that you can switch between the chibi and "proper" style, though the chibis don't bother me, I think they're pretty cute since it's proper Japanese chibi and not Funko's completely-missing-the-point kind of American chibi bastardation. I've heard the game is really good, so I've been meaning to look into it. I'd be buying the PS4 version though, so likely the stutter would be gone altogether. Me and Vita are currently on bit of a break while I'm trying to get to know 3DS better. I set my Vita up as a US system for now and I only have PSOne classics on it since there's lots that never got released in the west that I want to try or replay.

I'm definitely going to see it in the cinema. The way I figure it is that if I'm interested in watching a movie even once, I might as well see it at it's best. I do hope that GitS, Logan and Power Rangers comes to our main theater, they have better audio and video equipment and my next 15 movies there will be free.
OctoCamo Report | 01/28/2017 4:06 am
How's the World of Final Fantasy? Noticed you playing it.

It seems that Ghost in the Shell is a March movie. Our more obscure theater already has it on their schedule, but the bigger one doesn't.
OctoCamo Report | 12/25/2016 2:39 am
I'm more surprised of people having such a ridiculous amount of faith in some bare footed hipster's promises for an indie game developed by 16 industry nobodies than I'm at the games end result. The game fell short on the promises, but it's not really that bad of a game and I have to give it and devs some points for not crowdfunding it and still continue working on it even though it would've been much easier for them to just drop it and run off with whatever money they still have left. I don't think it's even half the s**t show Mighty Number 9 was. Honestly my personal disappointment of the year is probably Overwatch.

I still expect Pokemon GO will get a full update in spring and thought that taking it slow and giving first taste through eggs was a smart move now that weather is getting hazardous. Well, they're not hiding the fact that it's just a Pikachu with a hat, it's just that a lot of people like Pikachus with hats. I'm still bummed out that we didn't get the Pikachu with Ash's hat for Sun and Moon in the west so far, Japan got one though I don't remember how it was distributed. But that Simpson pic is pretty funny. I should really start watching the series from the start.

Yeah, I've enjoyed the stamps too, the holiday items haven't been good this year, though I haven't done the event or caroling, just the daily gifts. I haven't even dared to look what kind of effect Holidays have had on the economy with GC being on like over 60% sales.
OctoCamo Report | 12/24/2016 1:32 am
Merry Christmas!

Sorry for the late response, was running low on things to say and then forgot entirely after getting hooked by Final Fantasy XV, which I started and completed in this time... Really liked the game, I think it's been a good year for gaming again. Pokemon Sun's definitely most time and effort I've put into Pokemon, at least since first two generations. It wasn't as easy as XY, but it never was a struggle either. My main trio was able to just swipe most trainers teams out without needing swaps. I was training both Kadabra and Haunter for a good while until I remembered that they don't evolve naturally... The trade evolutions annoy me most since you lose YOUR Pokemon if you have to trade with a stranger. I have no interest in using someone else's Pokemons in battle. I was also surprised when I found the Midnight form, I swear I heard people mention it as an exlcusive. But in each game it evolves into different form, so maybe you could call it a semi-exclusive.

Speaking of Pokemon Go, did you notice the latest update? There's now some Johto (Gen 2) Pokemon that you can get from eggs at Pokestops and you're also now able to capture a special Pikachu.
OctoCamo Report | 12/14/2016 7:13 pm
Only Elite Four gave me trouble, other than that it was pretty smooth sailing, but without being too easy. I had Snorlax as my Cosby Pokemon to put wild Pokemon to sleep and hold back them to 1 HP for easy capture. Incineroar, Galisopod and Mimikyu were my main trio that were with me from the point I captured them, rest of my Elite Four team was Judah the shiny male Salandit, Raichu and Kommo-o. Though they were underleveled for E4 and got one hit KO'd, so really they were just freeloaders. Pokemon that I trained up to a point until they got replaced were Gyarados, Kadabra, Hunter, Lycanroc, another Salandit, another Raichu, Butterfree and Marowak. My B team in training are Salazzle, Primarina and Hooter the Decidueye, will work on Tsareena and another Incineroar later. In Moon my new team is Whimsicott (likely will be replaced by Tsareena), Mareanie, Torracat (will be replaced by Salandit when I breed passable one), Jangmo-o, Riolu and Honedge. Yeah, I found stat drop moves annoying, but AI has spammed those since Gen 1, so I'm used to it. Yours is a pretty unique team, haven't seen a lot of people using Exeggutor and Toucannon.

Yeah, I thought those two and Exeggutor were goofy af, but I like them. I liked all Alolan forms and really all Pokemon in Alola. I felt like Pokefinder was a failure. It tried to cash in on some Pokemon Snap nostalgia, but it failed at that and just made me think how lame it is and how much I wish there was another Pokemon Snap... Also they should've allowed you to take pictures of your own Pokemon with it and give you some control other than Zoom over what was going on. Honestly I'm more surprised that they were able to put performance issues like lag in the game on any model. Wouldn't be surprised if it was manufactured problem just to try and convince people to do last minute upgrade. Might have even planned out with the whole $99 New 3DS Black Friday sales thing in mind. I feel like my regular N3DS battery is worse than 2DS or old XL TBH. You'd be better off just ordering a bigger battery and replacing the one from your system.
OctoCamo Report | 12/14/2016 12:42 pm
I'd think retelling is half and half. There's only two films, but there's 27 episodes of the arcs. So there should be plenty of new and extended scenes. Also to my understanding they don't recycle movie footage, so even the shown scenes might not be 1:1. Now that you reminded me of that, I might check the dub out. Kind of forgot the movie retelling arcs entirely since I skipped over them initially. Hope the site will come back up, though to be honest internet doesn't really lack anime stream sites. Still haven't watched any anime on Netflix even though there's couple series I'm somewhat interested in.

I do miss the puzzle gyms, trials were too straigth forward. I didn't notice in problem with Pokemon with healing moves, though it was pretty annoying in the beginning when Pokemon would call help when you would've wanted to just get the battle over or capture the Poke. When my monsters got strong enough, then it stopped being annoying. What was your team besides Incineroar and Snorlax? Definitely, I'd like to call dips on Plumeria. Internet has been nuts about Wicke since Foundation was announced. I also couldn't understand the lack of Miiverse screencapture support... I used my camera to take >3000 shots (half probably being total waste). Though in the end I guess it worked fine since I didn't have to wait for Miiverse to load for every shot saving me tens of hours of my life, the pictures are also much higher resolution than the stamp sized crap 3DS puts out. You can use Miiverse on N3DS while playing, supposedly it used too much of old systems requirements to be able to suspend the game and run another app on top of it... Built-in screencapture is definitely my #1 wish for Switch. I doubt we'll see another handheld during Switch's life since it doubles as one.

I have several friends who quit Gaia after zOMG! closed down. It would probably bring a lot of people back, especially if they did a big content update for it. Yeah, Gaia has lived it's most active years. The whole anime community hook doesn't work so well anymore now that the big wave of new people jumping on anime fandom has toned down.
OctoCamo Report | 12/14/2016 4:48 am
People are just cattle to Dio, he wouldn't care enough to feel in any way obligated to keep any promises to them. If the mother hadn't killed the baby herself after turning, Dio probably would've ordered her to do so or would have done it himself fully breaking the promise as it never mattered to him in a first place. As for Dragonball Super it's not just few first episodes, but first two complete arcs. I really enjoyed the Goku Black arc, they wrapped it up couple episodes ago. The arc before that was good too, though it was less story and more fighting as it was a tournament arc. I think next arc will be connected to it with magazine teaser hinting that a character from the tournament will be returning. Site I mentioned is actually down right now under suspicious circumstance, has been for some days now. At first people thought that it was taken down by copyright vultures, but there's also talk of the team just working on revamped sites for new domain and the old sites being down because of that.

The beanie would be nice. Don't know if they're going to make additions to the collector's edition anymore, but I wouldn't be surprised if they put out bundles with the hat or start using it as pre-order bonus.

We've talked so much about Vita that I had completely forgotten that you had 3DS at all. ^^; Moon Version was actually my first pick and got steelbook special edition of it (was like 2 euros more than regular), but the game was pushed back a week in Europe for no good reason. Australia is in PAL region too, so I was just able to make my old XL into Australian system and buy it from their eshop and of course went with Sun since I already had Moon coming. There's slow down on N3DS too, but not as much. I played the Sun on old 3DS XL, so I got to enjoy the whole laggy experience. I've played every generation of Pokemon, so the trials were welcome change of pace for me. Skulls are my new favorite villain team. I also went with Litten that did most work as Incineroar, but Golisopod and Mimikyu were also irreplacable for me that had to carry a lot of battles. First time hearing about Popolocrois.

It was just announced yesterday, so no changes yet. Will probably take weeks before anything really changes. I also wish they'll really tone that stuff down. The amount of items coming out is ridiculous, without tektek and always unavailable far inferior and honestly pretty turdish avatar builder, it's impossible to keep track or find items you'd like. There was a time when I knew every item there was... It's also not in my wishlist, but I wouldn't surprise me if Lanzer wants to get team working on doing something with zOMG! which would be huge for a lot of people.
OctoCamo Report | 12/14/2016 2:17 am
Ouch, that's really too bad. Hope he'll recover and adjust quickly.

Would have thought they would've shown much more of it already. I don't know if Toonami runs some censored versions, but if we're thinking of the same scene the mother actually eats the baby after she's turned into a vampire while Dio mockingly says that as he promised HE didn't hurt the child. It's a running theme that he's dispicable and doesn't value anyone's lives. Oh yeah, Super is finally getting dubbed. That's good news, though I doubt I'll start rewatching it anytime soon and no way it will catch up to Japanese release.

Yeah, I noticed the delay. Still haven't ordered the game or collector's edition myself. Hope it won't be delayed any further. I didn't watch the dub trailer though it came up on my Youtube feed, but with all the time they're putting into it is pretty assuring that they'll do good.

No changes in my life. Played and loved Pokemon Sun, completed the dex for the first time since Red Version. Started Final Fantasy XV which I just bought on monday, has English and Japanese voice overs from the get go which is nice. Not big fan of the English dub, though I want to keep the playthrough subtitle free so hopefully it will grow on me.
Somewhat excited for Gaia for once. Gary and Jason leaving would be good news alone, but really stoked that Lanzer has returned with L0cke. Hope they'll be able to make Gaia great again.
OctoCamo Report | 12/13/2016 8:09 am
How's it going? Have you been keeping up with Jojo?
OctoCamo Report | 11/14/2016 1:55 pm
I have no idea, I'd want to say that she was just directed that way. But it not that it feels emotionless for sake of the character, the performance just feels wooden to me. But it's hard to say before seeing the whole movie, though I doubt it will be an oscar performance. There's definitely couple shots with her wearing body armor too, so they might be putting in a ton of references to the source material. Or then they're really indecisive and couldn't really decide which iteration they want Major to be.


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