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Hello! The name's Reno Takamiya, but everyone just calls me Reno.

I'm 22 years old and I've been gaming for a while. I own a PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, Tablet, Smartphone, PS Vita, Nintendo 2DS and PC.

My Philosophy Is: "To never limit my gaming experience." Which means that I'll end up purchasing each new handheld/console that ends up releasing at one point or another.

P.S. The Console Wars are dumb.


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OctoCamo Report | 10/23/2016 3:00 am
Thanks. "Beating" is an understatement, I went ahead and got Platinum Trophy on it (my first one). Which included beating last boss and post-game last boss eight times each... =__='' Lily's alternative outfit is my favorite with Shinoa being the second. I really liked everyone's starting clothes too.
OctoCamo Report | 10/22/2016 7:47 pm
I actually like being able to have the game cart hold the save file, though saves take so little space that it's not a problem for them to go on SD either.

I don't argue that it'd be nice to get any game for free, but that's not how it works. Skyrim was already on PC making it possible to just update it, next-gen consoles didn't have this possibility leading to a lot of necessary extra work. There's just no way around this issue, someone was going to be "special priority" one way or another, either Remastered would've been console only treatment or graphical enhancements would've remained exclusive to free mods on PC.

Ah. It's weird how many companies are making stuff like Apple TV even though all of them seems to be doing pretty much the same thing. I think this is the first time I've heard what Vue does, had no idea that Sony was bringing in features XBO had that everyone called stupid.

Nyak nyak. Already said what I had to say about Skyrim remastered.

Alright, talk to you again another day. As a last comment, I beat Criminal Girls 2 after ~30 hours of playing and unlocked gallery, so I compiled one more imgur gallery with all the motivation images without the overlay. There's still one more post-game area for unlocking the "true ending".
OctoCamo Report | 10/22/2016 6:15 am

Yeah, I expected as much and trailer didn't give any reason to believe that there was a disc drive in the system or the dock either. I'm also curious about the saving method. Maybe they're saving on the cartridge again with option to backup on SD card (which I'd imagine tablet to have a port for)? It would be trouble if the tablet part had limited storage without way to add more with SD cards.

No, that'd definitely be unfair.
OctoCamo Report | 10/22/2016 5:59 am

I've heard of Apple TV, but I've never looked into it. Is it one of those dongles that brings smart TV features like Netflix to your regular ol' dumb TV or is it some sort of TV streaming device for Macs and iDevices? Also don't remember what PS Vue was, we don't have that or Now in Europe and never looked into them when I log in with my US account.

And in half a year they'll hit the forums to complain about how bad their decision is and how they miss *PS3 Exclusive* game and yadda yadda yadda. But oh well, they're grown-ups so they're free to make their own mistakes. Skyrim seems to be the show stealer, I've seen people talk about it more than anything. Nintendo has always sold for one game and honestly it's refreshing to see it not being Zelda or Pokemon for once. I think it's unlikely that they pull back on their family friendly way in the west, not as long as Helen Lovejoy from The Simpsons is the head of the Treehouse. If it is region-free, I wonder if Asian releases with English subtitles start becoming more popular.

Played it up a bit for comedic effect, but pricing topic really pisses me off. If you don't want to pay full price for a game, don't. It really is that easy. But yeah, PC definitely got a better deal for it. I'd expect it to be a free update for consoles too if XBO and PS4 had a Skyrim to update, but they didn't. Bethesda had to do the whole work of bringing them over first which they didn't need to do on PC, so it kind of makes sense that they don't just hand them over. There's also the sad reality that PC players are cunts who'd complain if they didn't get it, but would also be impossible to sell on it because "It looks like s**t, what's even the point of remastering when there's free mods that makes OBLIVION look better than that."

Yeah, I'm also thinking Umbrella Corps quality. Survive never would've deserved the name of Metal Gear, but it's a whole generation too late to fit into the four player zombie co-op craze too. So I can't believe this s**t is a thing...
OctoCamo Report | 10/21/2016 7:40 am
FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF- When was the last time this happened? Geez...

Part 2/2

Rant over. I think I'll just see if my laptop can run it since I already have it on PC and should be applicable for the free upgrade. I noticed Konami too and called it fake the first time I saw it. But it will most likely just be the PES of the year or MGS V remastered from last generation systems that somehow breaks the game and with all Kojima mentions being replaced with an anagram to avoid accidently advertising Kojima Productions. I doubt that there's any lack of virtual pachinkos on consoles so probably wouldn't be the last.

Yeah, I think Journey was offered for PS3 before too, but it wasn't available on PS4 until remaster which is what they were offering so with the new platform and being a different version I think it was fair game. They were also giving out the Platinum Games Transformers, which is a legit game too. So I've seen people taking it as a sign of brighter tomorrow. But I call Sony on their BS and this just being a temporary curtain put up to deceive us into thinking that the extra $10 per month is going somewhere other than some slimy corporate bigwig's pocket.
OctoCamo Report | 10/21/2016 7:32 am
Ah okay, it makes sense since it's been a taboo for centuries so at this point we're pretty much hardwired to deter it. And it should remain that way since it's well documented to have negative effects on the bloodline.

PS TV was just weird and forgettable to me, though with it's price it is little weird that it didn't do good. Especially since people are known to skip the research so people probably didn't stay away from it knowing about the lackluster game support either. I guess people just took haters word on it and believed that Vita had no games.

That's the kind of s**t that really grinds my gears. It disgusts me how fast people are to start planning on getting rid of their old systems. If there's backwards compatibility, I can understand it even though I think BC is the devil and is ruining consoles. But as far as I know they didn't announce Nintendo Switch being backwards compatible with their competitors systems, so I can't even. I saw one post saying that if Switch gets Skyrim, they might get rid of their PS3 and I can understand that if Skyrim is the only reason they even have PS3 lying around, though what a waste of a PS3 though. However they didn't show any PS Vita's heavy hitters being announced and right now I wouldn't trust Nintendo and Treehouse with the stuff coming to Vita, so I have hard time seeing it surpass Vita as the new niche system. But who know, maybe they'll try to make it the mature "parents" console as they only had adults in the trailer and the "kids" stuff keeps coming out for Wii U, with exception of displayed Mario Kart and Splatoon since those are hardcore af and also appeals to the older demographic. Seriously though I don't read into it meaning anything that they didn't have kids in the trailer since [url=]it's not like it's the first time they're using the "gaming isn't just for kids" angle on ads.[/url] Some business insider who's leaked reliable information before has stated that Switch will be region-free though so that'd be great. Yeah, at this point there's nothing but specualation if it's old or new Splatoon. It hasn't really been Nintendo's tactic so far to push their new hardware with stuff that they're going to release on their previous system too, so I think whatever it is will be Switch exclusive. But that being said I think it would be some extreme BS if it's just the old Splatoon with extended support while the Wii U version is left behind. Oh yeah? I see you rising Spla2oon and I'll play Splatallion. That's right, we're past tiny little platoons. This is squid warfare, kids need not apply. Yeah, it would be really weird decision to showcase it if they weren't actually working on it, even if they understandably just wanted to show off that they have Bethesda on board with it despite not having anything real to show. With that price Remaster might not be a great deal for someone who already bought the collector's edition, PC Deluxe edition and Legendary edition for each of their home appliances, but it sickens me to see people trying to argue that it's not a $60 game and that being unreasonable price for only some hundreds of hours of best time of your life. I didn't b***h and moan that Nintendo should give me Wii U and Wind Waker HD for free because I already bought both of those on Gamecube, in fact, NOBODY DID. Nobody argued that Wind Waker wasn't a full price game or thought that they might've been bit of a tool for buying a whole new system for a ten year old game. If someone who hasn't played Skyrim before came to me and asked if it was worth the price, I'd tell them to send their wallet to Bethesda because they owe them at least another friggin hundred for it. *krhm* Rant over. I mean with every console generation there's new people coming in so is it impossible to think that maybe they're not re-releasing it for the old owners and just maybe Harry Potter movies weren't made for the
OctoCamo Report | 10/21/2016 12:05 am
I'm sure people over here have their own kinks, but I have no idea what those would be. Not a lot to say about this anymore. AMC doesn't understand what? Hentai? I thought that's the most popular anime.

They better do something more with it. I assumed they weren't done with it when they made it a big advertisement campaign that PS4 and Vita are able to work together with remote play and second screen, but that's the last time I heard Sony even mention Vita...

Surprisingly I don't hate Switch based on what was shown. I'm impressed if the transition from console to portable mode works that seemlessly without interrupting the game.They're actually also showing signs of it finally having something else than first party titles which is something to celebrate, unless they'll do what they did with Wii U were they got few big releases in first wave like Assassin's Creed, Batman and Mass Effect and then abandons (or gets abandoned by) third party almost entirely. Hadn't even though of that there might be additional slide controller models, but I can definitely see third-party working on those if Nintendo doesn't. I'm also glad that they showed having classic controller right off the bat and that it works directly with the device and not just with the dock. Being able to play Vita with PS4 controller is all I've wanted in years, so I'm glad to see at least Nintendo doing it. The Splatoon on Switch is different from Wii U, so I'm quite excited about that. The main difference that jumped out to me was more character customization with the hairstyles, which original only had one for girls and one for boys. Didn't go deeper to analyze weapons or backgrounds, so not sure if there was new stuff there. Splatoon was way popular enough to warrant continuation, so there is a chance that this is SplaTWOon. I was surprised about seeing Skyrim, that or Fallout will be sick to have on the go. I wonder if they'll get the mod support, though portability is even a bigger draw for me than that. I don't know what the source for this is, but my friend sent me this list of Switch partners and Bethesda is listed there. I also hope that first year won't be all about remasters, but even more I hope that first year won't be all about the "Waiting Game" like with Wii U. Never was one for using carrying cases, but I'm sure there will be plenty seeing how 3DS was showered with them by Nintendo and the third-party.

Holy crap, Infinite Warfare is 130GB!? PS4 has easy access for HDD swap and XBO supports externals, so at that point they might as well ship the game on pre-installed HDD. -_- But yeah, I don't understand how Sony could've messed it up so bad with PS3 with installations and I think they're store also was horrible. Though not as bad as XBO's weirdly enough. I don't know how Microsoft managed to mess that up, 360's store was so good.

This was the first time Journey was offered for PS4. I don't remember ever seeing same game come up on PS+ twice back when I was following what was coming up for PS3 or after I jumped on PS4. I think releasing highly rated games is the only way to go to make the service worthwhile, some risky unannounced indies aren't worth keeping up a monthly subscription for a rental.
OctoCamo Report | 10/20/2016 6:49 am
Even if there's no relation between the two it still seems to be a popular kink for girls to pretend like they're twelve and call the partner Niisan, I suppose just like in the west there's the whole "Daddy" thing. It'd be super weird for sure, but I don't know if I'd really judge grown people being in love with their blood relative. Though I'd hope that they didn't start inbreeding and instead would consider donors or adoption if they wanted to grow the family and that they had enough sense to not advertise it around and raise their kids into the habit. Oh yeah I don't play those games either I don't even know what hentai is. ninja

I actually thought for a long time that the "i" in the name referred to it's internet functionalities. N3DS doesn't seem to last for long either with NX already in the horizon that's supposed to work was a handheld and boasts with hardware comparable to consoles. I wish it sparks something inside of Sony and reminds them that they have Vita. Yeah, but UMDs worked. I mean optical disc as in to support Wii / Wii U backwards compatibility kind of ruling out the likelyhood of it happening. Not only would it need to be closer to Wii U's size, but the discs would probably turn to dust if you moved them around while playing as you would with a handheld. Especially since there's no way they won't add in some dumb motion sensors. I think it was confirmed that they'll be using cartridges again. I can't recall any game taking long to install from disc or from the network (of course speeds may vary), except for Arkham Knight that downloaded through the night. It's nowhere near the biggest game I've installed so no idea if I was getting a bad connection that day or if it simultaneously trying to download every DLC for the game created a bottleneck. At least you don't have to download game installer and only then start the installation like you did on PS3, I hated that... Mostly because I always forgot and when I go to play the game I realize that I'll still have to wait forever for installation.

Honestly I regret redeeming PS+ games because during your membership they show up as purchased games in your library and because of that you can't pick up a full license for it if the game was on sale. I don't think there's really any excuses right now that would make Playstation Plus reasonable. On PS3 they gave recent top tier games and that was really cool, but on PS4 we've been getting no name indie games from studio nobody that you could get for less than the monthly subscription with little wait if not at launch. Now with the price raise they gave out Journey and Lords of the Fallen (or something like that, Dark Soul esque), so it would appear like there was a quality boost. Though is this really the direction they're going with it or was it just trying to save face and make people say "Oh, we'll, they're releasing better games through PS+ now."
OctoCamo Report | 10/20/2016 4:02 am
Yeah, I don't remember anyone really nailing that stuff in dubs. I think the imoto (little sister) act is super kawaii and all, but it's just weird to me when Japan tries to make it sexy. I also don't really care for how the girls in Japanese erotic media are almost always portrayed as unwilling to the act and says romantic stuff like "Dame" and "IE~!!! Kore Wa ITAI!!!" Just doesn't do a thing for me. And that's about the level of Criminal Girls motivation pantering from what I know, the lines making it sound like nonconsensual being the reason why they couldn't release it as it was. Yeah, there's no sense to having both and most of the fanbase probably are subs over dubs people.

I'd be positively surprised if they went back on it, but Nintendo has never positively surprised me before so I don't know why they'd start now... -__- Honestly I'll be hella mad if they're going to do backwards compatibility and system transfers again. But word on the street seems to be that it's a powerful independant handheld that simply connects to the TV and for some reason putting optical disc drive to a handheld device sounds catastrophic to me. Oh yeah, never noticed that. Works with 3DS too since DSi was a new model and not "the next step" just like New 3DS.
OctoCamo Report | 10/19/2016 8:57 pm
Yeah, it's a shame that girls don't give feedback during the motivation. Personally it never took me out of the moment though since mini-games take enough focus that I was blocking everything out. If Criminal Girls ever gets another sequel, I hope next time they'll be able to work with Nippon Ichi to get alternative audio they would be able to use. I tend to prefer Japanese as the original, so I'm happy that they're keeping it intact. But as far as sexiness goes I don't really agree with Japan on what is an attractive voice and arousing noises. I've never played a Yakuza game, but I'm really looking forward to finally getting one (Zero) on PS4. I really wanted to get Yakuza 5, but it took me an eternity to realize that it was out and it's just not a PS4 game.

Yeah, Germany and Australia has it worst based on everything I've heard when it comes to ratings boards being ran by nazis. (Erm... figuratively speaking.) I've been seeing English Asian games since last generation, don't know if it goes back even further, but I definitely feel like companies are taking advantage of it with west in mind more nowadays. Speaking of Nintendo, they're going to reveal NX tomorrow. I wonder if they would have the sense to make it region free. Probably not...



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