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Lan Sukasa Report | 07/31/2014 1:04 am
Lan Sukasa
I saw that poster, and I was a little shocked about it. Just the image itself of the turtles jumping off an exploding skyscraper and the date specified on it is what makes it seem controversial.
Willow Louviere Report | 07/30/2014 7:58 pm
Willow Louviere
>Claims only 50 People are playing it.
>Boot up CS:S and see this.

Tee Hee.
Lan Sukasa Report | 07/29/2014 12:14 am
Lan Sukasa
Because graphics is all that matters these days. I guess the only way to make Tomb Raider "definitive" was to beef up it's graphics, because that's all we care about, right? That means the PS4 port of TLoU is gonna be "THE DEFINITIVE VERSION, SO STAY AWAY FROM THE UGLY OUTDATED PS3 VERSION."
yuri-chan the artist Report | 07/26/2014 7:32 pm
yuri-chan the artist
Although I love both, I'd HIGHLY recommend A New Beginning more. *__* It's a slow as heck start, but once you get past the first month it's addictive like crazy. The level of customization is really fun. It brings harvest moon closer to rune factory, which I adore their sets of features more even though both mean the world to me lol.

I'm probably gonna get grand bazaar and rune factory 2 next paycheck cause I played them before but never got them in the past and their both 20 each only on natsume's store lol.
New beginning I got for like 20 also after release due to racking up so many gamestop points, leading to 20 dollars off coupon, lol. Although I hate that I don't have the huge cow plush. I will one day though *___*
TheRedViperofDorne Report | 07/24/2014 2:31 pm
He's a ******** idiot.
He blocked me originally cause I pointed out how he made a thread, dedicated to begging for an internet girlfriend...
Now his Signature specifically asks for an internet girlfriend.
Chaos Dirge Report | 07/23/2014 2:48 am
Chaos Dirge
I meant to say The 360 had just come out at the time it was released so it was released on it because people were switching consoles. *
Chaos Dirge Report | 07/23/2014 2:46 am
Chaos Dirge
If you can run SMT online its pretty likely that you'll be able to run the PSU games, remember these games came out during the PS2 generation the 360, they aren't that requirement heavy.
yuri-chan the artist Report | 07/22/2014 5:39 pm
yuri-chan the artist
Hi! Yeah I've been pretty busy with work and when I get home I have to sleep early cause I wake up early each morning for work.

And geez that's pretty crazy D: rude to delist and cancel on your order without any notifications.
Our GS unfortunately don't have any ds or wii games worth getting left in stock lol and I pretty much got most of what I wanted anyways for those consoles.

I PMed you my FC.
OctoCamo Report | 07/22/2014 2:00 pm
Yeah, it would seem likely that first game is handled digitally in US.

Yeah, Second Son is definitely a must have for PS4 owners. It wasn't a game that I planned to buy, but I'm so happy that I did. I expect it to be on top of my next-gen games list for a long time.
I'm not interested in the streaming functionality at all myself, I wish function could be disabled altogether. I think system is always recording in the background so you can save last x units of time, but everything can't be recorded and I've found myself being bit annoyed when notification pops up in the corner saying that recording is paused when I get to a cutscene.
I'm little interested in Dead Rising 3, though it's not a system seller for me. I might check it out at PC release.
OctoCamo Report | 07/22/2014 4:51 am
Yeah, some people are like that. Your source doesn't mention that that's the case in North American release specifically. Since the statement is false in two regions, someone could brush it off as another unreliable and poorly worded report even if they did read it.
But yeah, people likely ignored it because they're stubborn and don't care what other peoples sources has to say because "their dad works at Nintendo and he said they're wrong". Do people still claim that or does community have a new go to "winning argument"?

Hopefully it turns out to be a good expansion. I really liked the main game.


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