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Things I Think

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Wanna pay me real money for a commission? IRL commissions get first priority and top quality.

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-payment via paypal
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Oooh the things I think.

People don't let themselves be happy anymore.

You go ahead and have your random sex with random hot people. I'll make love with the man who loves me.

Teenagers are such sluts these days.

The internet is not for dating. It's for meeting people, whom you will meet in person, and then start dating.

You don't like high school? Wait till you have to pay for your schooling, your supplies, your food, and your housing.

You don't like college? Wait till you have to deal with an under appreciating boss, the corporate ladder, and repaying your student loans.

You don't like life? Well get over it. You are meant to live your life, not spend it curled up in a ball pitying yourself.

Despite what you think, everybody else DOES understand. Emo.

GAP owns Hot Topic.

Respect everyone, even complete strangers. You never know when you'll need their help.

Dress how you want to be treated girls.

Our adventures in life have been reduced and compacted into metal and plastic cubes, which we then view on larger metal and plastic cubes. Sad.

Take some time for yourself. You deserve it.

Spend some time with your family. If nothing else, they have a genetic obligation to love you.

Talk to old people, they're amusing.

Everything causes cancer. So just go have fun.

Regret holds you back from doing things you'd be proud of.

I love you, Mr. Cheshire.



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I buy art too! Please check out my couple request thread!

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K1ND Report | 07/16/2012 1:17 pm
That is completely up to you! (But something that has to do with coffee or sweets wouldn't hurt!)♥

Also, could you agree to the trade once so It pops up on both of our "Requests" so I won't forget your name >.<
K1ND Report | 07/10/2012 10:13 pm
Her Please! I'll send the trade now(:
K1ND Report | 07/09/2012 10:06 pm
AHH i LOVE THAT HALFBODY! Do you take items maybe?
if so I could totally do Dream Town 2nd gen (~200k) and Biancamella 2nd Gen which is (230k) plus 100k pure x-x
Which would be totally awesome
CEDRlC Report | 06/29/2012 9:24 am
I want art. How shall I get it? Do you accept gaia gold?
Kira koneko Report | 06/28/2012 10:35 pm
Hello this is Kira from the art shop.
I am almost done with your request.
I've had a busy week so forgive me for the delay.
Should be done by tomorrow night.
Jen-Til Report | 01/15/2012 8:41 am

Happy BDay, bbydoll. <3

Pagh Report | 12/02/2011 10:19 am
Your steampunk RPC is very wicked!
Chuepomi Report | 06/29/2011 3:37 pm
My way of saying I didn't need the gold, I suppose. c:
Mommie Monster Report | 06/29/2011 6:36 am
I deff agree with that...
I should have taken more thought into it.
traded ein in for tomato
sunflower57 Report | 03/17/2011 1:32 pm
thanks for buying smile
Lovely Eyes Nightmare