Excerpt from observational journal of Doctor Quinlan Hawthorn, July 26, 2082, regarding Classified/Experimental Combat Cyborg-09

Preface; What follows is an excerpt of observational notes taken by Doctor Quinlan Hawthorn in regards to c/ECC-09 preceding the doctor's death and disappearance of c/ECC-09 itself during the first years of the Fiend War. My own notes regarding the subject have been added since the subject's reappearance in the modern day. -Prof Evelyn Nichols

Real Name; [REDACTED]

Identity; Known to legal authorities.

Legal Status; Citizen of Terminus, functionally deceased.

Aliases; Whiteblood, Tin Man, the Grey Stranger

Marital Status; Single

Known Relatives; None

Group Affiliations; Wild Rose Mercenary Guild

Base of Operations; Terminus

History; All information regarding the subject's life before time of death has been expunged, save for notable episodes during military service and medical assessments leading up to post-mortem augmentation, resurrection and field testing. As these are irrelevant in regards to the current documentation they are not included here (see Addendum A).
+++The subject is one in a series of experimental autonomous weapon platforms developed for arcane engagements. These abilities were achieved by outfitting cadavers with cybernetic fixtures meant to channel arcane energies emitted by the inter-dimensional Void. The project was mothballed when a process that allowed for infusions of these energies was perfected, bestowing living humans with the same arcane abilities.
+++Released from stasis centuries after the Cataclysm and subsequent Fiend War, the subject was found by a group of treasure hunters and currently subsists as a mercenary in the employ of one of the many guilds which service the people of Terminus. However, a programmed imperative pushes the subject to seek a way to eradicate all fiends, or at least the greatest of their kind. To that end, the subject is forever in search of a means to permanently close the portal which spawns them. This has led the subject past its surrounding Maelstrom and into the Void's twisting depths in search of a legendary weapon said to reside there.

Occupation; Mercenary, Fiend Hunter

Description; The subject appears much like a life-sized ball-jointed porcelain doll, an unnatural thing born from a combination of robotics and genetic engineering. As a result of its manufactured nature, what would be flesh is instead a vitrified, chitinous shell somewhat akin to bone. This is a durable casing that serves the subject in lieu of skin and has a similar strength to thick armour plate. The subject's features are similarly malformed, presenting a sexless visage made uncanny by their approximation of humanity. Framed by white hair, shading black toward the nape of the neck, are a pair of wide, lidless, almond-shaped eyes protected by hard ocular caps above high cheekbones, thin lips and an aquiline nose. The eyes themselves are lacking also in any discernible details, presenting an inscrutable black plane.
+++The subject's skin is marred by faint black traceries that share a resemblance to circuitry but remains otherwise unblemished. These circuits cluster mostly about the eyes, giving them an exhausted cast and radiate throughout cheeks, chin and forehead, continuing down across the torso. Of note is the brand "c/ECC-09" across the subject's right wrist and the numeral "IX" emblazoned on the left shoulder blade. Born from an attempt at psychological warfare is a translucency of the subject's skin which manifests at certain angles and reveals the structures beneath, particularly around the face.
+++Largely inexpressive, the subject's personality is much the same and presents a quiet, thoughtful front not unhindered by what is more mask than face. Beneath this unassuming façade is a mind that is cold, calculating and ruthless. Though not entirely uncaring, most who interact with the subject are met with a front that is taciturn and stoic, coupled with a soft monotone voice. This and a willingness to confront others for perceived failures and weaknesses can be construed as arrogance, which is true to an extent but this does not prevent admittance when another comes along who surpasses the subject's skill.
+++Mannerisms tend to straddle the line between man and machine; movements are simple and robotic, verging on stilted and awkward at times. This clumsiness is apparent even in combat, though the subject has long learned to compensate and thus shows little to no hindrance. Despite this apparent lack of articulation, some of the subject's other mannerisms and features could be considered human, such as brushing off clothing, posturing and taunting foes. Greater than this is a berserker rage which can be triggered at will, and while the subject can ignore most any injury when in this state, emotional expression and intelligent control are entirely absent until the system overheats and shuts down. This will leave the subject temporarily immobilised until conscious systems reboot but significantly increases offensive capability while active.

Strength Level; Rank 8 Superhuman (based on the number of tonnes the subject can lift)

Abilities; Having been reconstructed and fitted with cybernetic grafts, the subject's physiology is subsequently enhanced. These include an auto-repair system that slowly repairs damaged components while in a state of rest. Upkeep of this system requires ingesting of food or other matter and can subsist on material absorbed from the environment, but this is a much slower process. Beyond this, the subject very rarely needs to eat. The subject's organic components are further maintained by a self-renewing nutrient gel, giving the subject the ability to subsist without breathing. Installed within the subject's left forearm is a data link which can plug into computer networks or machinery, allowing for a seamless interface with them. Finally, a pair of bionic eyes bestow perfect vision and allow sight into the infra-red and ultraviolet ranges.
+++By overclocking these internal systems and fully drawing upon an area's arcane potential, the very fabric of space is warped by its release. Reappearing a short distance away, the gathered energies heal and revitalise the subject, boosting physical and mental performance. Any incoming electricity is absorbed to fuel the process for a limited time and the subject's body is left sheathed in a reflective barrier, sending any arcane attacks back at those who cast them. Even commanding overwhelming power called forth from the Void and gifted with the strength of cybernetic grafts, the subject is, in general, a defensive fighter who prefers to draw in an opponent for a vicious counterattack or simply wait out an encounter until their reserves are exhausted. However, this is not always the case, the subject being more than willing to loose a savage offensive when the need arises. Having no formal martial arts training, the subject is much more of a brute force brawler, greatly compensated by the body's mechanical nature.

Ninth in a series of void-infused cyborg designs, the abilities of this particular model focus on arcana which produce raw destructive energy and the manipulation of space and time. Redirection of power from an internal matrix allows for limited capabilities, but this can quickly drain reserves and render the subject inert. By syphoning minute amounts of ambient arcane energy from the surrounding environment, the subject is capable of producing varying effects from emitters arranged across limbs and torso. Limiters remain in place to restrict access to more damaging effects, as overuse can easily burn out internal components. Only released if combat assessments deem it necessary, or with the application of viable access codes. A cyclical process, the energy used is released back into the environment during use and can become a danger to unshielded beings after prolonged operation as ambient levels of miasma increase.
+++These emissions can be focused at a distance to produce small temporary holes in reality, effectively releasing inconceivable amounts of energy to sear away whatever they touch before evaporating. The subject's most common limiter release, these are deployed in a variety of configurations meant to restrict an enemy's movement. If emissions are left to diffuse across the body and in the air, their maddening nature can be used to produce illusions which confound the senses. In combat, these mostly include apparent teleportation, the creation of ghostly doubles and other bewildering effects. Increases in physical speed and flight are possible along with the creation of temporary dimensional rifts as the very laws that underpin base reality are broken down. This latter is capable of opening temporary means of ingress to the Void but at its most extreme can split the sky, drawing down a rain of celestial debris and radiation.
+++A passive side-effect of these arcane energies being constantly channelled throughout the subject's body is a localised warping of gravity and related physical laws. The result of this is an increase in mobility as the subject takes no damage when falling from heights, can easily run up or otherwise scale vertical surfaces with ease, displays an uncanny sense of balance and can even perform the impossible, such as sprinting across the surface of water. The ability to jump great heights, conferred by the subject's already substantial mechanical strength, is augmented yet further by a factor of ten. Most of these displays require the subject to already be in motion, but balance and coordination remain even when at rest.
+++Essentially a fail-safe should the subject be in danger of death, the same systems which allow channelling of the arcane can act to preserve the subject's life. A wholly automated effect, the subject's body is shunted into an enclosed pocket of the Void and there preserved in a state of suspended animation until self-repair systems have returned it to a baseline state of health. Unless the subject is equipped with enough raw materials to expedite this process, such is cannibalised from less important structures, leaving the subject whole but in a severely weakened state upon reintegration with base reality. Because of this, the subject often carries a handful of alloy rods as fodder for these systems.

Developed as a protector and enforcer of humanity in a world overcome by monsters and the arcane, the subject was gauged to be exceptional in fields determined to be most helpful in these regards. As such, the subject is athletically adept, in possession of greater sensory awareness, has been trained as an escape artist, can perform rudimentary medical procedures, is fluent in Elven and Dwarven languages while also speaking both the common tongue and the binary language of machines, is an avid student of general and world history, the particulars of a wide range of monsters and pre-war relics, a master of stealth, survival and swimming, can perform alchemical procedures, cook and is an exceptional mechanic, can operate and repair mechanical systems and is a consummate pilot.

Weaknesses; The subject's internal systems harbour an elemental weakness to electricity but due to the body's mechanical nature are immune from vitality-draining and biologically debilitating ailments.
+++The one exception to these immunities is a programmed addiction to infusions of arcane energies, administered in the form of a fine crystal distillation. Without these periodic infusions, the subject's body will inevitably reject its cybernetic grafts, resulting in a cascading breakdown of all organic systems as it succumbs to the madness and mutation-inducing effects of Void-derived materials. Distillation is achieved through a dedicated system installed alongside other grafts which gather absorbed arcane energies, distills them and applies the resultant powder directly to the subject's bloodstream. Stockpiles are stored externally and can be applied beneath the tongue or inhaled. This latter method is favoured by the subject, achieved via small cylindrical applicators. Inhaling through the applicator triggers electrical ignition, vaporising the distillation.
+++Effects are immediate, beginning as a slight euphoria that lasts several minutes. After this time the drug's main effects kick in, resulting in sharp sensory enhancement and a dramatic increase in arcane potential. Effects last for up to four hours, afterwards leaving the subject to suffer severe headaches, nausea and fatigue. Worse, the subject is left unable to manifest arcane effects for up to twenty-four hours without risking permanent damage to the nervous system, an effect that is avoided by the automatic lock-down of all limiters until symptoms have passed.
+++The drug itself must be administered at least once a week. Effects of an overdose include catatonia, insanity, permanent neural damage, personality change and hallucinations.

Paraphernalia; The subject is equipped with a form-fitting suit of synthetic polymers bolstered by a complex system of straps that support overlapping plates encasing the torso along with similarly plated thigh-boots covering the legs. Supplementing the suit is a body glove that offers an inner layer of protection from the elements which ends in a loose mass of ballistic cloth which can be pulled up to cover its wearer's face from the bridge of the nose and down. In all, the armour grounds its wearer against electrical damage while providing decent protection from physical and arcane attacks.
+++Beyond offering physical protection and in tandem with a trio of wearable computers, the armour possesses systems which monitor its wearer's unique physiology and act to limit actions that would overtax the subject's delicate internal systems. The computers themselves come in the shape of a head-mounted visor and pendant worn around the neck, the third wrist-mounted interface being built into the armour itself. Variable limiter release allows the armour's system of synthetic musculature to enhance physical performance and acts to channel arcane energies for progressively greater effects.

The subject’s weaponry has been gauged toward effective combat against fiends and wielders of arcana. The foremost of these is a curved single-edge unimolecular sword forged specifically to combat fiends. Despite its rough appearance, it cuts cleanly through even tough armour. Infused with arcane energies, a small generator installed in the weapon’s hilt creates a powerful alternating current, causing the blade to resonate at extremely high vibrational frequencies. These vibrations weaken the molecular bonds of whatever is cut. Fiend biology is affected to a markedly greater degree, losing cohesion and dissolving violently upon contact.
+++The sword is supplemented by a similarly infused unimolecular dagger, the dual-edged span of which comes to a needle point. Meant more for human opponents or as a holdout weapon, it lacks the high-frequency generator of its larger counterpart. Instead, the dagger spills its victim's arcane energies along with their blood, leaving the target drained and unable to manifest even the simplest arcane effect.
+++Most often, whether in tandem or alone, the subject wields an infused rotary firearm housed in the right arm that employs electromagnetic induction to accelerate projectiles which destabilise a target’s arcane energies. This has the effect of sealing their arcane abilities. A relatively heavy and cumbersome weapon, its power is such that it hums constantly when in use and quickly overheats when fired in succession, releasing this buildup in bursts of steam whenever it is reloaded.

The subject also carries a range of distillates, Void-born miasma which has been condensed into crystalline form. Machined into the shape of smooth orbs which fit comfortably in the palm of one's hand, it is unknown how they function, only that they exercise power over physical laws to diverse effect. Those carried by the subject variously allow for weaponised arcs of lightning, giant pillars of flame, the generation of ice and tremors along with healing and revivifying of the wounded and recently dead.