Hi! :3 I'm Remilia Sinnett but feel free to call me Remy. Welcome to my den, feel free to make yourself at home but please note that there is currently no Pepsi or Barqs root beer because I hog it all to myself. ❤

I am often told that I'm extremely mature for my age and wise beyond my years. I am also a lot smarter than I let on and I'm very observant and clever. I see things from a different perspective and I always spot key details that everyone else seems to miss.

You should also know that I'm a huge fangirl of Bleach. I have quite a few Bleach OC's and I write Bleach fanfiction ^w^ Grimmjow's mine though, paws off! smilies/icon_scream.gif

I am rude, brash, sarcastic, blunt, honest, loyal, crazy, hyper, derpy, random, emotionally disturbed, tempermental, bipolar, psychotic, loving, sneaky, mischievous, fun-loving, submissive, passive-aggressive, bitchy, shy, easily embarrassed, social outcast, quick to blush, clingy, jealous, sensitive, geeky, nerdy, a total otaku, weird, and a complete pervert. But most of all, I am ME and proud of it. If you look past my flaws and odd quirks, you'll find that I can be one of the best friends you have. ^w^

I also play videogames, I am a huge gamer and not afraid to admit it. I prefer series like Harvest Moon/Rune Factory, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Sonic, Spyro (( the ORIGINALS for the Playstation 1 )), Crash Bandicoot (( Playstation 1 games only )), Ape Escape (( Playstation 1 )), and whatever catches my interest.


Remember the North
Forgotten Sun Goddess
Remy Sinnett
Black Ros3_Vampire
Grimmjoww Jaggerjackk

My RL sister

My waifu and best friend in real life.

Omg, this guy.. known him for YEARS, and he'll always be one of mah bestest friends :3 We've stuck by eachother through thick and thin~

My sissy ❤ easily one of the best girls I've ever met~

Mess with my friends and I'll make sure they never, ever, EVER! Find your body~ :3

Grimmers!!!! ❤