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i'm boring, okay

i'm a really, really boring person in real life. i say that honestly.

I spend my spare time riding the buses aimlessly to the point where I am now madly in love with a bus route, not like sexually, but you get the point. . .I hope.

I like teaching myself how to play Nox Arcana songs by ear on the piano.

I also play the ukulele, but not by choice.

I'm 25.

I have a weird inner-connection with arthropods. I should have been an entomologist, but the science program at my high school was pretty much non-existant so I didn't have the prerequisites for science in university, and I didn't know that people with high school diplomas could go to adult high school to take classes for purpose of obtaining a prerequisite to university. Too late now. I'm not going back to school. Already regretting wasting my money on that psychology degree that can't get me a job high school couldn't.

That is the extent of me.

Oh, and I'm Canadian


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