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Birthday: 07/29/1996

Occupation: Dreamer

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    活 吃 爱

    Let’s See.

    I'm Asian: Mostly Chinese and a lil Fil
    I’m 18 years old but usually doesn't act like one
    I’m currently a college student in the Republic of China
    I’m taking up Chinese Education(我向你保证学习汉语很有趣啊!)
    I’m an aspiring artist and yes I’m a total bum.

    I love Life. I sometimes travel to see the world, we're so small.
    I’m a foodie, I eat almost any kind of Food and I have an absurd
    fetish for Lolis. Do not ask me why I like Lolis, because I do not
    know why myself. ;w; )

    Most of the time I’m an open-minded person, for I believe that
    every opinion should be respected in a way that you would like
    people to respect yours.

    I’ve been labeled many names but the best label that ever stuck
    to me was being called a “Bear”. I feel that it fits me and that
    it was “Just right~”.

    That will be all, thank you for reading and
    have a great day ahead of you!

    I love random messages, I don't bite.
    Well, maybe just a lil haha


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