Hi my name is Reiko and welcome to my profile!

Some things about me... I love animals. I have 4 pets including 1 kitty cat and 3 bunnies. On May 28th I lost my little old man Kitty Joe and miss him so very much.

I'm a geek. I love anime and manga and have a huge fan girl weak spot for Sailor Moon and Gundam. I love talking about and hearing about different series that
I may be interested in watching!

I love Godzilla movies. I grew up on them ~ and have seen almost every single one including the 90's American Godzilla though I've not seen the recent one.

I love video games and my favorite genre is RPG/JRPG games. I'm a fan girl over a lot of different characters including Lightning, Yuna, Ezio, Sora, and many more. Due to my love of video games I started my own YouTube channel. It is called Reiko's Gaming Corner. ~

If you are questing and need help ask. I may just be able to help. My IRL friend on here is Lissia Lux. Most of my items are from her and she often times helps me on my quests. Be nice to her. :3

I often times jump on and off hiatus. This is mainly due to shyness and my usual lurking through many different forums. ~

If I don't answer you, don't take it offensively chances are more that I forgot to or have not been at my keys.

(Once I find the rest of my avi art I'll put it up =D)

AvI Art (Drawn by: -oxAuroraxo- )

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Reiko Akio's Journal

Random stories, poems, and things like that.



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Thanks for buying mrgreen

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Thanks for your purchase of Haute Voltage, I have another one if you're interested in a trade or something let me know!

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400 instead of 725 for your Matsuri Kitsunebi?
Royal Queenie

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Royal Queenie

gaia_diamond Thank you very much for your purchase ~!

I hope you enjoy ~ ! !

Best wishes ~
Q u e e n i e gaia_crown

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Cool avi
Reiko Iwamaru

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Reiko Iwamaru

XDDD except I don't own the items you have and you probably don't own the items I have, but maybe we could pull it off by wearing similar avatars.

owo yeah...yet I can name a couple who aren't too happy in retirement. :/
Reiko Iwamaru

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Reiko Iwamaru

Same here, so I'm happy I found somebody like you ^ ^ biggrin

We could play, like, identity crisis and pretend to be one another if we wanted >w>

Lol I know right? I sometimes go back because I'm under that impression then I realize...it's not my profile I'm commenting on. xd
: O Clue is so much fun >w> Psssh happy retirement? I hope it was a frabjous day when that person retired. lol
It was my captcha <w>
Reiko Iwamaru

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Reiko Iwamaru

owo Yep! I'm sure there are tons of other teens born the same year as us, but we have...the same name so it's just so twinsie~

Lolol nope. I'm not human. What human? I'm a skin covered alien life form. rofl

the captcha I got for this comment was: butler did it
butler did what? : O *mysterious theme music*
Reiko Iwamaru

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Reiko Iwamaru

Twinsies! XD

And what makes us even more uncanny in being twins is that we were born on the same year; you're just a few months older than I am.

captcha was lumpy gravy.... xd
Reiko Iwamaru

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Reiko Iwamaru

O_o You must be my twin or somethin' ....

I swear...


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