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Occupation: Trying to drive and get a job.

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Some people get the wrong idea when they look at you; they feel intimidated and quite scared. They would rather judge you on the outside than get to know you, which offends you greatly. At heart, even though you lack friends, you still have a shoulder to lean on: your family. You love your family more than barks and howls can describe. You're understanding, strong-willed, hospitable, caring, brave, and confident. You are what most people can call a "councilor", because you can share your condolences with people and comfort them; you also give the best of hugs. I mean, come on; you're covered with a thick coat of fluffy fur from ear to tail. Your hugs are AMAZING! You also have your downsides, too: sometimes you assume situations instead of looking through it as a whole, thus ending up making a blunder. You can also be a bit aggressive, cold, and to the point, which can sometimes offend others. Sometimes you can get a little ahead of yourself and bite down more than you can chew; when that does happen, though, you're quick to realize and accept your mistakes and ask for help. You're not afraid, but when things begin to look darker than black, you can't help but whimper an run. People will disagree with you, but you blow it off since you are wise at heart and know that you cannot please everybody.

In short, you're absolutely amazing. Misunderstood, but completely lovable and an important person. To some, you are a symbol of courage and strength...and that's what what you are.

I just decided to do this for fun okay? I didn't copy and paste it from anywhere.

Who I am is not the same as what I am

//Reiko Iwamaru//9/11//16//Virgo//

If you want to know something else, talk. Don't friend me without talking, or else you will be ignored. :3

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