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    Status: Job hunt.

    Hai there, you can call me Anjie. I'm a 21 y.o. living in California. I've been an on/off member of Gaia for seven years.
    I code my own profiles. Background images are found off the internet.

    I'm usually playing Tera: Rising on the Ascension Valley server. So if I'm not here, that's likely where I am.

    Some things I like are: my boyfriend, TERA, my TERA characters Ponnya and Myumi, League of Legends, music, art, anime, pastels, Rilakkuma, Totoro, CATS!!!, dogs, cute stuff, food, Hayao Miyazaki movies, short hair, spaghetti, Disney movies, Netflix, fishtail braids, cat videos, poros, sushi!, Skype, Hello Panda, Pocky, fluffy pillows, ankle high boots, jeggings, warm showers, udon soup, Draw Something, Elinu, sleeping, pick up lines, pixel art, gaia avatars, the list goes on.

    I play TERA mostly now. Scroll down for more info?

    I tweak my profile a little bit every so often. Sorry for all the notifications.

    Server: Ascension Valley
    Ponnya, lv 60 Mystic
    Myumi, Lv 60 Priest
    Floran, lv 56 Lancer

    League of Legends NA
    Ponnya, lv 30




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