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Hisagi Shuuhei

Birthdate: August 14[1]
Height: 181 cm (5'11")[1]
Weight: 67 kg (148 lbs)[1]
Gender: Male
Species: Shinigami
Previous partner(s): Kaname Tōsen
Affiliation: Soul Society
Team: 9th Division
Lieutenant of the 9th Division




Shūhei has short, dark hair and wears sleeveless Shinigami robes, has the number "69" tattooed to his left cheek and has a set of three scars straight over his eye and down his right cheek, gained during a past Hollow attack. He also has a blue, stripe tattoo running across his left cheek and over the bridge of his nose over the 69. He wears what appears to be a choker around his throat and a matching armband on his right arm, which have proven to have explosive properties as shown in his fight with Findor Carias. He has his lieutenant insignia tied to his left arm. He resembles Ichigo Kurosaki and Kaien Shiba to an extent, though the resemblance is obscured by Hisagi's scars and tattoos.


Shūhei is an extremely mature and calm individual, a state that is slightly at odds with his somewhat punk-like appearance. He usually takes responsibility, and tends to avoid violence when possible. He seems to be virtuous, much like his captain's image; their views often coincide until it is revealed that Kaname Tōsen is a subordinate of Sōsuke Aizen. He is often seen in the company of Renji and Izuru.

He apparently comes from the lower class, but when he is pressed for cash, he will rely on any free food source available, including one provided by someone as obtuse and snotty as the lieutenant of the Second Division, Marechiyo Ōmaeda. He is also just as perverted as the other male Shinigami, usually where Rangiku Matsumoto is concerned. In one omake chapter it showed that he and Tetsuzaemon Iba fantasized about rescuing her.


Shūhei has stated that he does not like the shape of his Zanpakutō's Shikai release, as it looks like something meant to take life. He also fears his sword's power, because to him its something of a sign of respect to battle for justice as well as a testament to the true strength of one's character. Shūhei was probably taught this by his former captain, given the latter's "follow the path with the least bloodshed" creed, indicating a reasonable closeness between the two. It also seems that while battling he becomes a darker person and seeks fear in his enemy while in battle.


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