Here I sit, broken hearted;
Tried to think, brain just farted.

My noobish house:

What d'ya wanna know about me? Well... I'm your typical hardcore gamer, IlWILL at least try each type of game (won't like some, but w/e). My mains are action/adventure, RPG, most platformers (platformers ftw), occasional racing, fighting (primarily Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter), maybe a puzzler or two, and the occasional survival horror. (That pretty much sums up each genre though, doesn't it? lol)
Potatoes are my favorite type of food, POTATOES FTW!
I'm usually random and comical but I CAN be very serious at times. I don't start arguments, I END them. I can be a pretty decent guy so don't feel afraid to go ahead and talk to me. I'll listen :3
Fire is one of the awesomest elements ever IMHO.
And I SERIOUSLY hate people who tell me I'm lying when I'm not... That's one of my BIGGEST pet peeves.
My name is Anthony, I am 21 years old, sports aren't really that big for me, I have a purebred Boxer named Rocko (actually my dad's but I'm usually the one to have to take care of him), and I'm not "interested" in guys, so at least towards me, no homo alright? (I don't HATE homosexuals, I just don't wanna BE one, got it?)
In Gaia Years, I am 5 years old....wow...that long already?.
Well, that's about all I have to say so enjoy the awesomeness of my profile, and feel free to chat, ask questions, w/e suits you. Oh, and before I forget... You Just Lost The Game :3

WOOT! First animated pic! *Thanx to Kenshin ultimate XX2 4 sending it to me*

A nice gift from Taiyou_Kozane
*Thank you very much 4 this pic*

This was drawn for me by Beckytheminish
(a.k.a Silver Note Sorrow) *Thank you!*

*Heh heh, guess I got a little carried away with showing off my sword smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif* This pic was drawn by Starry Warrior

Me VS Sora...Who wins? (Or Navi by Technical Nag-Out?!)


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Noble Link

Report | 10/25/2012 6:06 pm

Noble Link

Happy birthday Link :]

Report | 10/25/2012 4:38 pm


Happy birthday.

Report | 08/10/2012 3:39 pm


Red Liiiinnnnk! What the heck happened?? Did you ever find out what happened to you? That does sound scary...

And it does build character. All I know is that I'm in for hell. Three AP classes, searching and working for scholarships all year long, three AP tests in May, registering for PCC... Yeeaaaah I'm-a gonna die. But it'll be all worth it in the end.

Are ya still coming to Kumoricon~? I still need to do cosplay work... Gonna work on my toga first! whee
Happy Masks

Report | 07/26/2012 8:30 pm

Happy Masks

lol yep 3nodding

Report | 07/25/2012 7:58 pm


I hear ya. That'll be next year. So fed up with my school... I just hate it there. One of my bff's just got into college after graduating this year. It was hell, but at least she's out. I envy her... I wish I could've graduated 2012 not 2013... But oh well. One more year of hell. rofl

Report | 06/21/2012 8:14 pm


Lol I noticed you were Sonic for a while. But you know, change is good.

Report | 06/15/2012 6:28 pm


That is awesome. Gah... A lot of my friends graduated this year... But I'm glad you graduated! Totally deserve it! Wish I could graduate... Sick of being stuck with all the slackers who don't give a flyin' leever (zelda enemy) about what they do. Hopefully being in 3 AP classes next year will get me away from that.

So yeah... I'm taking a full load since if you take early release, you have to be off the premises and they'll force you to leave even if you have no ride (really stupid), I'll be taking AP Art, AP Gov't, and Senior Inq. So excited about the last one! College credit~! ...Still don't have my results from my AP Bio exam though... Kinda nervous...

Anyway, i think we're both glad it's summer. Sorry I ain't on much anymore... But I'll try a lil' harder to be.
Oh, btw, last bit of news. I've changed my cosplay due to issues with Ralph's insane hair.

my new obsession~~ mrgreen

Hope you have a great time this summer, you grad, you! Take care! Until next time~!
Red Princess Zelda

Report | 06/01/2012 11:13 am

Red Princess Zelda

Hey Link... It's Red Zelda. I've been hacked and robbed. If you would, could you get someone to donate? I need:
Elven Ears
Gift of the Gods
Red Pixie
Mythril Armor

Thanks. They left me with 1,000 gold. I can't really buy back my stuff...
xoxox, Zelda

Report | 05/22/2012 3:36 pm


That's exactly what you do. Then they want to make sure you all know how to walk in a straight line appropriately. Do you know what you're doing once you graduate?

Report | 05/22/2012 3:23 pm


Well I'm glad you're finally getting out of there! I feel sick of the place already and I'm only 17.


Give me ONE good reason why I shouldn't sissy-kick a chipmunk while sitting on a frying pan...