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I used to have an account on here years ago until it was hacked. Now, I'm putting it all behind me and starting over fresh. Drop me a PM or comment if you want to befriend me. However, if and when the time comes, there's a chance that I might go on hiatus one of these days due to busy things in life.

I actually play zOMG from my old account. I don't mind arranging future crews if anyone's interested. I also play Lake Kindred, often collecting stuff that people don't need or finding kindred that I don't have yet...

I'm mostly an open book around here when it comes to being virtually social around. But I still have stuff to do in real life.

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SupremeSarah2000 Report | 09/22/2017 1:08 pm
*GASP* no! eek
The Egg Empire Report | 09/22/2017 10:57 am
The Egg Empire
Hmm... *seems to pondering about something*

On the contrary this may work very well for me. G.U.N. and the law enforcement will be too busy with these hooligans to forces their attention on me.
The Legendary Trainer Report | 09/22/2017 10:54 am
The Legendary Trainer
*Silver spies the incident with the two trainers in a rather annoyance*

What do you guys want?
The Egg Empire Report | 09/22/2017 10:51 am
The Egg Empire
{{The responses in the call had made me chuckle xD}}

*shakes head disapproving* Well at least I can gain many more test subjects.
The Legendary Trainer Report | 09/22/2017 10:37 am
The Legendary Trainer
*Red has his Charizard come to the rescue*
The Egg Empire Report | 09/22/2017 10:34 am
The Egg Empire
The thought had occurred to me, but it take a lot of time and effort to fully brainwash them.

In the mean time, I'll have Metal Sonic swoop in to look for the Chaos Emeralds.
Angry anime lover 201 Report | 09/22/2017 8:47 am
Angry anime lover 201
i have 15
The Legendary Trainer Report | 09/22/2017 8:36 am
The Legendary Trainer
{{well now, let's have a little fun~}}

*Silver notices that he's no longer being followed and then sent out his Golbat*


*Golbat nods as he started carrying his trainer*

{{air battle anyone~?}}
Dragon Charlie Black Report | 09/22/2017 7:57 am
Dragon Charlie Black
biggrin Hi ... 3nodding
The Egg Empire Report | 09/22/2017 7:23 am
The Egg Empire
One; but so far the human mind is much harder to control then animals are.

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For all you freeloaders out there, I refuse to donate if anyone keeps asking, so STOP BEGGING FOR FREEBIES!!! If you can make it, then you have to work hard for it!

If anyone knows how to make really good avi art, then I'll open up some offers for said person in return.


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