well. after another short break from gaia.. i am back once again. this time with a pirate in tow.

currently i am working on catching up any unfinished business from the past couple months of lag on my part.

i'm not much of a person to speak of.. more of a random freak of nature. i do my day to day work in the "real man's" world. then its off to the real grind for me.

i love to go see live shows. concerts. festivals. freakshows. you name it. i will probably like it. i'm a big supporter of live music and free swag!!

my time here on gaia is passed by coloring things. drawing things. and just posting nonsense in the chatterbox. occasionally i will RP. but meh, that does get overwhelming sometimes.


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This is my Journal. I'll Put Whatever I want in here..

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Hey might i ask how you got so rich?? I'm really wanting to get a new look and all the stuff i wants expencive any tips??? Oh and BTW i love your profile
Taiyo Jouten

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Taiyo Jouten

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Nyx Queen of Darkness

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Nyx Queen of Darkness

cool avi

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What halo do you want?

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Hello, dear. How are you?

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Alrighty Then >_>

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280k for 3 famestar?? >O>
Ped Of Isle
John Bark

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John Bark

thanks for buying

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