you probably have stumbled onto my profile by accident, and seeing as your here you will now take the time to read this long about me section which i have spent 13 minuets of my busy life to type.
My name is Raven
I have been dubbed Miss DJ by luna and storm.
The reason why is a long story so don't ask
I definitely suck at spelling and i rarely use proper punctuation unless its for something important. I love going to conventions and this year I cant wait to go to Oni-Con 2010
Also i draw, write poetry, and write stories.

I have a very short temper
and an even shorter attention span
The doctor says im bipolar
which kinda makes sense
I am lazy as hell =]
People can send me random pms
I enjoy random acts of violence
I make films
music = life
The things my friends and i do or say will leave you like what the ********
Don't judge me on my appearance
or ill kick your a**
people ask me who my hero is
and i used to say I didn't know
but guess what!
now I do
and his name is.....
Hes only one of them
I have like 3
Cosplaying is fun
My friends and I create schemes that don't make any sense
Im nicer then before
Fake people piss me off
among other things
In our little group we have a voice of reason
Her name is Ali
It used to be Harry Potter
Then we found out he doesn't like pie
So he had to go
I am a pyromaniac
Which here means i like to burn things
It can be a bad thing sometimes
I threaten people
Escaping reality is fun
I am a raver
I wanna dye my hair blue, pierce both of my ears entirely, pierce my lip, and get a tattoo on my neck
Me and Akari chan wanna make pork cookies
cuz they look interesting

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the jounal of random insanity and whatnot

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Okay cool. I make the room or you?

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I have no ideal. Uhhh. Puzzles??
or tiles

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Hey gurl

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Hoover worlds, then click towns two. It should bring you to where I am

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So towns?

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What do you think i just did, O.O gosh
I also some how posted it twice, which was weird...

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Raven raven raven guess what?!!
Its not michelle anymore
Eating Harold

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Eating Harold

maths like a little kid it needs to grow up and solve its own problems
Eating Harold

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Eating Harold

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