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scarletdesu Report | 05/10/2017 6:34 am
I see hahahahaha duwa nya ta pra ma lvl 10 nata sweatdrop
scarletdesu Report | 05/10/2017 5:47 am
hahaha goooo! unsa nka lvl bai? 3nodding
scarletdesu Report | 05/10/2017 5:14 am
wag try! ugma jud hahahhhaha crying xd
scarletdesu Report | 05/10/2017 5:02 am
ugma bai? 3 days holiday kooo wohoooo start ugma heart
Miiyuko Report | 04/29/2017 3:49 pm
I'm even lookin at the old comments, like holy sh.it
idk wtf was even wrong with me. seriously. xDD
Miiyuko Report | 04/29/2017 10:32 am
It happen around 2009, tbh idk what it was all about.
but meh. it's whatever though. past was in the past.
I was pretty much a stupid kid then.
Miiyuko Report | 04/28/2017 8:41 pm
I Dunno. but..I saw this on my old gaia account. like old old one, saying this
You LOSERS again.. *sigh* How Pathetic...

I dunno. but it was around 2009. I guess. xD ahaha.
scarletdesu Report | 04/27/2017 5:57 am
Hahahaha samoka!! Btaw bai huhuhu makahilak mn sad tag gold anang hatagan ta uyy crying crying xd Thank you so much heart
scarletdesu Report | 04/27/2017 4:56 am
OMG bai maikog nagyud ko nimog 100% bai crying crying crying xd

RK = rech ked xd
scarletdesu Report | 04/27/2017 3:58 am
RK na kau kas gaia bai xd No problemo bai sweatdrop