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Antiq Report | 01/27/2015 3:52 am
I think I like that one even better biggrin
Antiq Report | 01/26/2015 4:12 pm
Nooo, I think you look great! I love the legs especially.
Antiq Report | 01/26/2015 3:49 pm
Thank you! xd You look extremely cute yourself biggrin
Floralys Report | 01/21/2015 11:09 pm

coz... i have a ... secret.. emotion_jawdrop

i...might.... be... a... stalker...too emotion_0A0 emotion_donotwant emotion_jawdrop


aaand.... i looove letters emotion_bigheart

aaand... i am jealous.... bc i never get any.. emo emotion_8c
Floralys Report | 01/21/2015 12:03 pm
Does the letter say:
"I know where you live

~ Stalker emotion_bigheart "

Floralys Report | 01/21/2015 10:50 am
Aw, yes yooou dooo emotion_bigheart but i likeyyy emotion_c8
Floralys Report | 01/19/2015 12:05 am
Dont i look too creepy to be stalked? sweatdrop emotion_0A0
Floralys Report | 01/16/2015 11:41 pm
I like yours too and your prof emotion_c8
Floralys Report | 01/16/2015 11:39 pm
Aaaarrh not 'bug' >w< BIG*

emotion_bigheart crying
Floralys Report | 01/16/2015 11:37 pm
Amg stalkeeerrrh ow o whee

Oh and thank you ;o :bugheart: