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Well ... I could say a lot but I won't. But the point of this is to help others learn about me, right? I guess I should say something.

Well I'm a Yaoi fan boy, that's a start at least, and a warning to others who doesn't exactly like this subject. I watch anime, read manga, play video games ... nothing new there when it comes to some usual hobbies of people. I'm good at cooking and I lead a busy life, then again who doesn't have a busy life? Things not many others do?

Others study out of necessity, but I study out of passion. I even tutor one of my younger family members.

Oh yes, I like to role play Response length it can vary, especially with what I have to respond to. I can do anything from 'one liners' - Although I dislike using them actually, to novella and multiple pages. I usually edit and spell check / re-read my responses as well, and I write in any of the styles requested of me. When it comes to 'Yaoi', I do two kinds of roles for everyone. I do ukes, and sekes... real switches however. I do not think you can call a seke a real seke if they do not switch. Oh yes, I also role play canon characters.

To those that look down on it just know this about me also ... I respect people who can do a canon existing character well more then someone who made a good OC for a reason.

I'm also good at using multiple characters of either gender. If someone ever wants to role play, just message me.

Oh, more things about my personality:

I'm not going to say I'm a good person, and I won't say I'm a bad person. Humans are much more complex then this. I will say though, through a laundry list type format of words that usually describe me either all the time, part of the time, or half the time or some mix.

List: Warped, Perfectionist (Towards self only, not others), Detail Oriented, Depraved, Diligent, Easily Distracted, Studious, Sadistic

Warning 2: Shipping's / Pairings are serious business. More serious then friendship for me. If you try to change my shipping's the friendship is over. I will listen to your perspective and consider it at the most. I will not change them however, just because we are friends. If you really want me to change my mind, use facts. Facts work on me more then emotion 70% of the time.

I'll add more later, this is a half assed start compared to how much I really write, but its a start nether-less.

Well, See you later!


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"Who Knows ..."

Well, to anyone who finds this, the content varies. Usually you can expect it to be related to the mind of an insane yaoi fanboy, who tries to keep his sanity through his own thoughts, while finding what he wants to do with himself, other then well .




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