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Name: Ranusha Iun Solaris

Age: Looks 14 to 16, but refuses to tell her real age for obvious reasons.

Relatives: No biological family. The only "family" she has consists of extremely close friends.

Occupation: Wanderer

Fighting methods: Ranged magic attacks(Mostly consisting of fire, lightning, and plasma) and booby traps.

Height: 4'11"

Quirks: Will occasionally mumble to herself in a dead language, always carries a bag of homemade cookies, has a habit of taking things from you such as your hat(and the occaisonal vehicle) but she gives the item back.

Bio: Ranusha is a phoenix that takes the form of a peculiar young lady who currently wanders throughout the world seeking knowledge and "a way to return home". Because of certain vulnerabilities and possible errors in her future searches, she chooses to keep her origins and true form vague to make sure that others don't become suspicious.

As a former member of a now disbanded magician's council, she is indeed powerful yet seems to have her head in either the clouds or on the ground. You may see her from time to time playing with a plushie, playing a handheld game, or reading a book. Go ahead and introduce yourself to her, but try not to cause her any trouble.


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TM Cosplay Report | 03/25/2015 12:32 pm
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Sayo-neechan Report | 03/25/2015 10:26 am
Happy super mega fantastical birthday, Ranu-chan!!
Nepirimu Report | 03/25/2015 5:56 am
Happy Birthday Ranu! heart heart heart
kittyxlover1212 Report | 02/28/2015 6:54 am
Thanks so much for buying! <3
Mk Zer0 Report | 02/14/2015 9:26 am
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Deidara-niichan Report | 02/14/2015 6:16 am
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Deidara-niichan Report | 01/26/2015 2:57 pm
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.¸¸.´´o§άlŷɴ §cמɬɬ´´ .¸¸.

►"Prepare yourself to face a defeat like no other!!"◄

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╔═══════════´¯`•.•• gaia_crown ••.•´¯`═══════════╗

You are welcome~ c: heart

╚═════════════´¯`•.•• gaia_crown ••.•´¯`══════════════╝

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Deidara-niichan Report | 01/26/2015 1:58 pm
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.¸¸.´´o§άlŷɴ §cמɬɬ´´ .¸¸.

►"Prepare yourself to face a defeat like no other!!"◄

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╔═══════════´¯`•.•• gaia_crown ••.•´¯`═══════════╗

~huggu squish~
Hope you feel better~ <o>

╚═════════════´¯`•.•• gaia_crown ••.•´¯`══════════════╝

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Deidara-niichan Report | 12/23/2014 12:47 pm

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Merry Christmas

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Snowflakes are falling
holidays are here,we get together
It's the best time of the year
Wishes come true,upon a star
No matter where you are!!
It's a little magic.
A winter wonderland

I see it, believe it
I get a feeling like nothing is impossible.
A Christmas,for me and you
dreams can come true
It's a little magic,some kind wonderful
When I'm with you

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Xtrmst Report | 12/06/2014 4:05 pm