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Me Me Me!

I'm not really great with introductions, but... *sighs*

Hello, I'm Katelynn (Kate or RandomKate works too). I'm the sapphire blue, otter loving user who's usually seen around the GCD, Runway, LK, or event forums. I've been a member of Gaia since July 27th, 2007.

Hobbies, you ask? I'm a fan of different genres of video games. It doesn't matter what it is. As long as it's good, I'll play it. A few mentions include Plants vs Zombies (Garden Warfare series), Dark Souls, Tales of series, Borderlands, Castlevania, Super Smash, Soul Calibur, and much more. There's also anime, but that should be obvious, right?

A few side stuff includes roleplaying (original mostly), writing, making recolor mocks of Gaia items, LONG WALKS ON THE BEACH, and sports.

And...that's done until I can think of something better.

Also, yes... You're reading that right. Why does one of my characters have the same first name? My 16 year old self thought it would be cool, k? BLAME HER. You don't know how much I hate myself for that. *sobs in a corner* THAT'S A NO-NO IN ROLEPLAYING!


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Zeyarot Report | 01/05/2017 7:10 pm
YES It finally dropped in price! ouo
Anamosa Valentine Report | 01/01/2017 7:35 pm
Anamosa Valentine
A good witch or an evil one?
Anamosa Valentine Report | 01/01/2017 6:05 pm
Anamosa Valentine
Oh, cute witch avatar! heart (Though it's not Halloween XD). I'm wondering if I should add you to my fictional Witchblade story. ^^
takemetotheotherside Report | 01/01/2017 5:36 pm
thank you for buying from my store
Odd Cinderella Report | 12/29/2016 8:46 am
Odd Cinderella
Nice use of the Parcel. biggrin
Zeyarot Report | 12/28/2016 4:49 pm
Thank You ;u; //hugs heart
Zeyarot Report | 12/27/2016 5:43 pm
I like your avi , it is snazzy lookin. ouo
Shiro Nishida Report | 12/27/2016 12:14 am
Shiro Nishida

You're most welcome! emotion_yatta
The Dread Wolf Report | 12/24/2016 10:27 am
The Dread Wolf
Kate!!! Thank you so much for the gift! heart
Your art was really quite cute! whee
Merry Christmas!~
Jisen Meizuki Report | 12/24/2016 4:46 am
Jisen Meizuki
Don't know if it's really you who tried to anonymously gifted me because of the image attached with it. But if it is you, thank you. 3nodding


(Working on all three. Last updated 6/22/2014. These REALLY need to be updated... Note to myself.)

Clara (Witch)


Name: Kate Bailey

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Birthday: March 16th

Race: Human

Height: 5'5

Family: Mother
Father (Deceased)

History: Kate was the only child born and the only one to take over her family's magic bloodline. She was put into studying at the early age of four by her father. Around the age of seven, he had passed away due to a mysterious illness. With her mother taking over, there was barely any outside time for her. Anything to do with outside contact was either working with magic or family business.

As the years went by, her mother grew more strict with her studies. She had wanted her to quickly grow into a worthy successor of the family bloodline. Fed up with just working all day on magic, Kate would usually sneak out of the house whenever she was alone. However, as time went by, her mother grew aware of her actions.

The first time she was caught, Kate's mother gave her a warning not to leave the house again. The eleven year old blindly ignored this and continued to escape. The next time she was caught she was given a punishment like no other. Dragged into the basement, she was forced to partake in a dark spell that would start a contract with a darker spirit. Having no control of this spirit, they had taken over once the spell was complete. At the time, guests were attending to a meeting. With spirit in control, she began a small rampage that would end with victims nearly killed.

Kate grew frightened of herself after her first encounter. The only way she could stop that from ever happening again was to grow stronger. She had no longer wanted to become the heir to her family. At seventeen, she left her home and moved to Barton.

Personality: A female mage who contains many different emotions. Kate is a friendly, kind-hearted girl who likes to put a smile on people's faces whenever she can. When it comes to cute things (animals, people, dolls, etc), she gets into a huggable trance. She will slightly blush at whatever it is (most of the time) and hug it. This has backfired on her in some situations where it has caused someone to faint or feel pain (mostly from the hugging).

She usually declines love confessions. Reason behind this, she's afraid to get close enough to anyone without Witchy taking interest in them. This includes her own feelings. However, this doesn't stop her from blushing or nearly fainting from some of them. Kate is a terrible liar. Most of her lies are very hard to believe and would later get her busted. Her reaction of being caught is a good example.

She's very dedicated to learning more about magic and mysterious things than anything else. When she hears a conversation about something she doesn't know (example: some legendary place), she gets very curious and starts asking a lot of questions. She would like to someday use her knowledge to help others in need whether they would need healing, warmth, or something else. The only type of magic she completely avoids is Dark. Kate feels that it's unneeded and would just cause others harm. Personal experience gave her this decision.

Likes: Anything cute (especially rabbits/bunnies), her friends, wine, sweets

Dislikes: Spiders and demons

Weapon: Magic Book / Spells

Other: The necklace she wears around her neck is used to seal off Witch's magical powers. It has grown to the point, if removed, the witch can easily overtake her as the dominant owner of the body. Someday, even the necklace could be ineffective.

~She has a large fear of the undead, especially zombies. This came to be as a result of a nercomancer back home.

(Spells) *Wind: Knows up to intermediate. Can control with any emotion.
*Fire: Hardly knows. Can only use while fueled with anger. Has no control, though.
*Ice: Knows very little intermediate spells. Can control with any emotion.
*Earth: Knows up to novice. Can only control while focused.
*Lightning: Hardly knows. Can barely control it with anger.
*Light: Knows up to smaller advance. Can control with all except anger.
*Dark: Tried once and lost control of herself for a moment. Since then, has not touched a spell like it.
*Summoning: Knows knowledge of three creatures. A forth is hidden.
*Other Spell(s): Healing, Barriers, and Binding.

(Soul Change)
*Giving up and/or at her weakest point.
*Too much energy used within a selected amount of days.
*Removal of her enchanted necklace.

Stories: 2k12 Valentine\'s Outfit
April Fools 2012
Remaining Time


(Add Lucie Empty Eyes)

Name: Can't remember, recalls the first letter is 'C'
Referred to as Witchy or Witch.

Gender: Female

Age: Early 20s upon death

Race: Spirit
Human (At death)

Height: 5'6

Family: Father (Deceased)
Mother (Deceased)
Brother (Deceased)

History: Not much is known about her. She can only recall small fragments of her life. One of these being her death. After being captured by the local townsfolk, she was trialed and put to death for countless murders and witchcraft. In the center of the town, she was tied to a pole and burned alive.

Personality: A magic user, both ruthless and wicked, she was a well known witch in her lifetime for killing witch hunters who tried to oppose her, or were on hunting trips. The witch enjoys toying with her victims before ending their life. However, this has lead to people being able to escape from her torture.

As a spirit, she's able to communicate with Kate via their contract. Only she can hear her, unless others can't interrupt their thoughts. If successful at gaining control, she attempts to fool people into believing the real owner is still active or fools around with people. If she takes interest in them (something that'll give her advantage over Kate), she'll attempt to harm or kill them. This is the only method in which she can interact with people.

The witch has a soft spot when it comes to wolves. Whether it be normal wolves or werewolves, she seems to be interested in them. This is probably from her friendship with a cub wolf in her lifetime. It seems with more memories unlocked there's more than meets the eye with her.

Likes: Wolves

Dislikes: Auriga (for the name given to her)

Weapon: Magic Book / Spells

Other: She originally had black hair. With the continued use of magic, her hair lost pigmentation.

She'll occasionally speak German for her spells.

*Blood: Last resort spells.
*Other Spell: Barrier, Levitation, and Memory Recovery/Seal

Stories: Fragment One
Remaining Time

Old Profile

Name: Clara

Gender: Female

Age: 24 (Permanent appearance) / Over 300 years old (Actual)

Race: Human

Height: 5'6

Family: None





Weapons: Magic Books / Spells

Other: She originally had black hair. With the continued use of magic, her hair lost pigmentation.

She'll occasionally speak German for her spells.

*Blood: Last resort spells.
*Other Spell: Barrier, Levitation, Memory Recovery/Seal, and Sleep


Name(s): Unknown
Victoria Sinclair
Vicky (Kate loves calling her this)

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Race: Human

Height: 5'4

Family: Mother (Deceased)
Father (Deceased)
Aunt (Deceased)
Uncle (Deceased)
Foster Sister: Kate

History: Victoria (Unknown) was born on March 19th, 1994. At the age of eight, her parents were murdered. No other family to take her in but one, the police handed her over to her aunt and uncle of her mother's side. Just for a few days, they were pretty normal and loving. Once the child had gain her sanity back, the aunt and uncle had shown their true colors. Put to work as a servant, she was poorly treated day after day. Her room was an old barn and was shackled in there everyday when unnecessary. If she didn't do something right, she would be beaten.

This had continued on for a long four years. Then, Victoria had come to her breaking point. One day, at the age of twelve, she had brutally murdered both of them. The sanity and life she wanted to live with was no more. Learning how to use a rapier, she began taking on a new identity. She was no longer Victoria Sinclair, but a killer with no name. This came to be Unknown.

Living off the streets, she fended for herself for two years. A few months after turning fourteen, she had met a girl who was two years older than her. Kate was the girl's name. She would stop by and talk to Unknown. On poor weather days, the girl would take her into her own home and give her shelter. As time went by, she had become like a sister to the stranger. Kate had gotten her own place at age seventeen in the city of Barton and invited Unknown to live with her. Agreeing to the offer for her own purposes, both traveled and have remained there for over three years.

Personality: A cold blooded killer who doesn't regret, nor mourns for the people she kills. As she's a paid assassin, this is a pretty common personality for the job. Unknown doesn't believe in running away from fights. However, if the situation calls for it, she will force herself to break this code of her's. She's persistent about her job and won't give it up until it's completed. This has left her in plenty of near-death situations. Such means nothing to her and basically another day of life.

Victoria has a love for roses. She tried to keep it a secret in the past but was quickly foiled. If she receives something she likes, she'll give a rare "thanks" to them. She tends to hide any girly, happy emotions around other people. Kate knows this and teases her with girly outfits or accessories. An argument comes much later. She may not show it but she cares about Kate as much as a normal sister would.

Likes: Roses (Any type) and toying with Kate

Dislikes: Anything cute

Weapon: Rapier (Main) / Hidden Knife

Other: Unknown barely knows how to swim.

Stories: 2k12 Valentine\'s Outfit
April Fools 2012


Summmon Profiles (In Progress)

Name: Bani

Age: Kid

Gender: Female

Height: 8 inches


Name: Luna

Age: Teen

Gender: Female

Height: 12 inches / 1'0


Name: Chi

Age: Teen

Gender: Female

Height: 6 inches


This is all the wonderful avatar art I've gotten over the years. (Newest-Oldest)

No one can stop ladykayra and her art attack! Today's victim is Clara. Thanks again!! <3

You should. It's good luck. ;D ;D ;D
Thank you, ladykayra, for this hilarious drawing!

Awwww! I love this Christmas present! Thank you very much and Merry Christmas to you too! >w<

Lost Melfanian, you made my Modmas! I love the little speech bubble too! Thank you very much!

Art of the blue scholar from Scholars of the Dueling Roses. Thank you, Aphy!

Oh look! It's my lovely blue haired lady and my paw otter! It's like they're reading together~ <3 Thank you once again, ladykayra!

Sisterbroken continues to art attack me! This time, Clara was her victim. Though, don't think she minds. Thanks again!

*shields the baby bunny's eyes* Adult Bani it shall be! Thank you, Sisterbroken!

I wonder who this could be... 8D Thank you, ladykayra!

War against the slimes! Otter and I against all of them! Thanks, Slick!

It's human Fang! He has two appearances. This would be his younger form. Thank you so much, Kronprinz Schwarzhaus!!

Art of the 2k16 Alien Crossword crew. I was dressed as one of my characters at the time (bunny ears hat). I had fun working with all of you! Thank you, Elyssie!

It's an adorable handheld me! Thank you, art bear!

Art from Art! Thank you, Artist Anon~ <3

Oh Sweet. Drawing my avi as I wait for the Black Friday Sale. Thank you~

Another of Clara's summer festival outfit. Thank you, Kuyusi~ <3

Bunnies, otters, and sheeps, OH MY! Thank you for the present, Niki~

An adorable Clara sprite made by Mister Monster Guy. Thank you! >w<

Anon'd to me, but I KNOW WHO YOU ARE! >.> Thank you!

It's been a while since I've had art of these two. Thank you, avyie!

Carrots aren't the only thing Bani loves. Thank you, violetpool!

Continuing the festival train, here's another of Clara! Thank you, Tales of Tales!

My little human Bani. <3 Thank you, kyra_yin!

More of my witch in the festival mood! Thank you, snowy15708!

Clara during the Festival Kin event! Both versions were made by the talented SadWhiteRaven!

My little Bani as an adorable human! Thank you, goldcadet!

This adorable piece was made by Akiyoshi-kun. Thanks~!

Another head piece made by Nitro Virus! Thank you~! <3

caisu, this is really adorable. Thank you!

Nitro Virus, thank you once again. I really mean it.

Another awesome arts made by Aphelia. Thank you, dear! <3

Clara looks so happy! Thank you, Nitro Virus!

Before Clara became who she is now. Silly, this is amazing! Thank you!

The whole gang! Thank you, Aphy~!

She's too cute to be a monster! Made by fillyfickles on Tumblr! Thank you!

Made by aphelia the vampire. *huggles* Thank you, Aphy!

Kate: I don't mind Doodle drawing on me as long as I look fancy. ...I look a little too fancy.
Drawn by The Doodle Monster! Thank yous!

Yes. I'm sure revenge was sweet~ But you must remain with the pun FOREVER! Thank you for the gift, The Doodle Monster!

And, The Artist Anon has drawn precious little Bani. Opps. Princess Bani. Thanks!

Shaming picture! Thank you, The Artist Anon!

Clara, you look so adorable!
Clara: .///. I'm not suppose to be.
Thank you for the picture, My soul mate L!

I'M PART OF THE GROUP NOW! emotion_smilies/icon_kirakira.gif Thank you for the tiny, adorable gif, Mister Monster Guy!

Tea party with Kate and Bani! Made by Ninja_Luka. Thank you very much!

Silenda, this is awesome! An image of younger Witchy, her little wolf companion, Bani the Bunny, and Kate. THANK YOU!

Sis, I love you so much for this one! I swear, I owe you! Oh, and it's totally Witchy.


A magician never reveals their secrets! I swear I don't have any stuffed in this hat.
Made by an anon who never gave me their name.

I suppose I should thank you? Strange that a stranger would sketch me, though. Only wished it was my actual body...

Made by The Artist Anon. Thank yous!

Oh gawd. A stalker is watching us! QUICK! TO THE BOX FORT! Sent with a message from the anon Your friendly neighborhood stalker! Thank yous!

Simple small roleplay turned into a freebie. Was not expecting that. Thank you, Celestine Ravencroft!

Valentine's 2k13. sleepypandie, what did I say?? >:C

Made it myself.

This next piece was made by The Sketch Anon. Oh, he's just so adorable! Anyway, thank you!

My first of the winter holidays for 2012! And it came from Lady L! *huggles* This made me feel better this morning! Thank yous! <3

Character wise, this doctor cat would of been attacked with hugs. Also, quite possibly taken back home. Just made while we were talking. Thanks, Zelthane!

But I told her nooooooooo. Okay, I can't resist this adorable little thing. Sleepypandie, you got me again! Next time, it's just tea and cookies! No artwork! Thank yous!

ASDFGHJKL:" Waking up to this. Once again... OH. MAH. GAWD. This also means the first art for the Witch (her own appearance). HAPPY TEARS! Both Halloween costumes in this, plus a fight between the Witch and Kate in the background. Based upon something that took place earlier during the Halloween 2012 event. Awesome birthday present, Nanzzy! THANK YOUS! <3 <3

OH. MAH. GAWD. AWESOME! I love it so much! One of two Halloween costumes for 2012. Thank you, Mistletoe! <3 <3

Unknown as an Aekea creature during the detention mini-mini-event. She preferred it over the others. Too cutesy for her. Thank you, The Galactic Pretty Boy!

"M-My first day. I-I thought doing a job I-I'm well at would be best." My nurse outfit. Thank you, GAlA-TAMA

The outfit I wore during the 10th Annual Ball. This was actually the spirit that dwells within Kate. So, first art of her! Mask as glasses! Weeeeee! No, don't worry. I'm not gonna punish you for that. I really love it! Thank you, Ciel Phantomhive! (Anon art)

Can you find me? Can you find me? Can you find me? TIME'S UP! Front row in blue. Very nice group picture, II Marik Ishtar II! Team Barton all the way!

Mistletoe and I hanging out and chatting. We're sadly both on different teams. Doesn't stop us!

EEEEEEEEE! This adorable little me was made by sleepypandie. Thank yous! >w<

I received this awesome headshot by a mysterious anon who never gave me their name. Thank you very much!

This headshot was made by ll-Kiki-II. Thanks!

Omg! I'm so nommingly adorable! More art made by aphelia the vampire! Thank you very much!

I was just commenting! This one was made by sleepypandie! Thank you!

*hugs her little adorable picture self* Thank you for the picture, Sweet Angel Anon!

The first of my Easter 2012 outfit. This adorable one was made by Jewelschan. Thank you! *hugs the carrot nomming grunny*

Another surprised art moment, this time by Zight. I swear, this is still a trick! Thank you! ^^

Not counting my troll, this is the first April Fools art I received. This one was made by Nikki Rydia. Thank you!


2011's Spring outfit. Another amazing art made by Nanzzy-chan! Thank you very much!

For being the first person to post on page 100 on Aphelia's thread, she made this wonderful avatar art for me. Thank you!

With a cute message and capturing a scene, a drunk Mistletoe passing out on me. How did she get into my room, I'll never understand. Thank you very much, Mistletoe!

A St. Patrick's headshot made by iAnzu. Thank you very much! ^^

The first of 2012's St. Patrick's Day avatar art! This one was an unexpected piece from Shintouyu. Thank you!

I believe this is the last of my Valentine's Day outfit art. This cutie came from fabulous dahling. Thank you! ^^

This cute little headshot of my Gaia themed outfit was made by Revolution Puppet. Thank you!

Some more wonderful anon art! This one comes from The Shy Artist. Thank you very much!

Mistletoe, I've said it before, but you really didn't have to make this for me. It's so adorable, though! Thank you very much!

This picture makes me feel bad in a way cause I had to decline his heart offer. I still love the picture, Jeremy. Thank you.

Me as a wolfy. Well, the head. I definitely would be blue seeing as it's my favorite color. Thank you, Untamed!

Oh no! I can't avoid the confetti! D: Thank you for the picture, Rune Vine! Now I'll forever know confetti being evil.

Another awesome artwork from my friend, Clockwork Paradox! Thank you very much!

Bad, Max! Not the squirrel! Of all things to go after, don't go for the squirrel!
(This picture just made me laugh! Thank you very much, Mania Lowell!)

Just wore this outfit for one day for a party. Will probably wear it again if another comes up. This art/chibi was made by Petite Aristocrat. Thank you!

This cute little doll of my winter outfit was made by Queen Kianra. Thank you! It's so adorable!

This little cutie was made by xNew Life. Thank you!

Max and I in a picture! Unknown still doesn't like him. Thank you, iSports Fanatic!

This adorable and amazing artwork was made by 0toto! Thank you very much! ^^

The first of Unknown and me in the same picture. Christmas time and she's gonna kill me after this. Picture perfect, Clockwork Paradox! Thank you very much!

My first Christmas avatar art. Thank you so very much, Anon mit Herz! <3

Batty, I'm sorry! She's a scary person, I know. I've put up with her for the longest time! Thank you for the picture, though. D:

This is Creative Monster Noms Yew and me (I'm the girl on the right). We were looking for the candy van. We found it! Anyway, awesome picture, Creative! Thanks! ^^

My first Halloween avatar art! Thank you very much, mysterious anon angel who never gave me their name (Mika_Len). ^^

Both made by me. Second is just out of simple boredom. *superawesomeface*

And, Aphelia made this while keeping it a secret from me. Thank you, but keeping secrets from me is no fun. XD

My very own Puddi made by aphelia the vampire. Thank you!! *stares at it*

Thank you, SimplyABreeze! ^^

Thank you, -Close In Heart-! ^^

I made it. *awesomeface*

Thank you, Some Art Bum! ^^

*both of those* Thank you, Nanzzy-chan!! ^^

Thank you, elementcrystal! ^^

Thank you, Liviania! ^^

Thank you, Alice in ZombiiLand! ^^

Thank you, Darkened Fay! ^^

Thank you, Pixie! ^^