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keep this in mind, will you?

I don't know how many times I have to say it - to clarify, over and over, to remind, find a way to get it in people's heads that I'm not a 'good' person. Really. Now, before you go blaming that on my subcultural association (being Goth) it has absolutely nothing to do with that. Other Goths are usually radically different from me, in the sense most are quite kind, caring, and hospitable. I find it hard to be. (My mood is a contributing factor, if I'm in a good mood then I'm told I'm a cool person to hang with.) This, here, is my attempt to set the record straight. I do not have the mental capacity to feel pity or remorse, if and when I seriously do, it is quite rare. I cannot apologize, nor do I want to. I like being who I am, I have learned to be self-loving and take pride in who I am. Would I change it, given the chance? ...No. I've grown attached to my personality, and have refined it to a point I'm pleased with. I do not believe my perceived vices truly are vices, especially when this is the only 'me' I will be living with. Have I tried to change? Yes. But it obviously was not successful. So don't take it personally if I don't care. I probably just didn't find a reason to, anyway. And if I do care, you can usually tell. Experiences with me will vary! :T

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stay awhile ...


This is who and what I am.

My name is
[REDACTED] . Currently, I am 19 years old - though sometimes it feels as if I have lived longer than this. Obviously, I'm Goth, and I am quite proud of it too. Specifically, I am (I like) Cybergoth, and Trad (Traditional) Goth. But I am predominantly a Cybergoth. For the most part, I have only one friend who I am close to. I do have other friends, though there are always the ones you hold close to your heart.

This may be a long list, but these are some words that can and have been used to describe me...

I'm too lazy these days to even list all the s**t wrong with me. But that's what makes me unique. :3

I have a dark, twisted sense of humor, and some may even say I'm racist at times. But it's all in good fun. It's not like I'm actually racist. My sense of humor is just more open and different than most people's, yet common humor suits me sometimes. Getting to know me helps you determine what you think I'll find funny and what I won't. :B

I love to sing and scream. Music is my life and a passion of mine. I write songs as well. I love metal and industrial/EBM. I also don't really like singing in front of other people, my voice is one thing I'm still pretty self-conscious about. I already have a very low voice for a girl, and so I have a low singing voice. Not that I care what people think, I just don't like singing/screaming in front of others. I honestly CAN sing high when I want to, though after awhile it hurts my voice.

I really, really don't like anime. The most I'll watch is The Boondocks and Cowboy Bebop. (And the original Yu-Gi-Oh! as a kid ; u ; ) ******** everything else.

Languages i would love to learn are-
> Romanian
> Norwegian
> German
> Latin

People who I look up to and admire are Angelina Jolie, Dita Von Teese, PongDanceQueen, George Carlin, (old) Otep Shamaya, and (old) Marilyn Manson.

I am a sort of, what I call, 'asexual bisexual'. I am interested in both males and females, but I also do not wish for a committed romantic relationship. I enjoy the game more than the prize.

I am a little bit of an elitist. And I'm also a materialist. I don't care what anyone thinks. I love material things, I'm definitely more of a getting kind of person rather than giving. (Though sometimes I can get very give-y with my friends. lol )

You can keep on my good side in a few ways: Don't be stupid/worthless; Give me things (for free) ; Have some common decency (i.e. - you respect my right to an opinion, I'll respect yours.) ; Don't tell me how to live my life; Don't waste my time; Don't like stuff that annoys me (Few exceptions are made.) ; and most importantly, don't frigging hit on me.

I'm a Grammar Nazi.

Philophobic, extreme tocophobic, hardcore entomophobic.

I am extremely opinionated, and not afraid to speak my mind or express myself in any other way... as you can clearly see, hah. And I have opinions people don't like. But I'm not about to change. I may seem like an a*****e about it, but I'm a happy and free a*****e. >;3 I live by my own rules and moralities.

I love to dance! Industrial dancing is a very fun hobby of mine, and I'm getting better at it, which is very awesome. As any good dancer, though, I'm still trying to learn more moves and perfect my own style. My YouTube channel is given, you can check out my dance videos.

I'm usually not an open book, so by doing this, I'm just getting some crap to say out there. You're welcome. XD

Long live the true Gothic Subculture. Long live the true Goth. <3


Buy my things D:

My store rules:
> All sales are final.
> All trades are final.
> I am willing to haggle but will NOT accept lowball offers. I would like to have offers as close to my asking price as possible.
> No begging.
> I do NOT donate.
> Absolutely NO trade-backs.
> I will not trade you an item for one of mine, I would much rather have gold.
> Mispriced items will not be returned.


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xX_hamstertears_Xx Report | 09/13/2014 11:28 am
That's good~
xX_hamstertears_Xx Report | 09/11/2014 12:12 pm
Well, good for you~
You keep rocking those items!
xX_hamstertears_Xx Report | 09/10/2014 12:50 pm
You do always have stunning avatars! :O
...although I'm sure people in Avatar Talk might have a different opinion. xD
xX_hamstertears_Xx Report | 09/09/2014 12:12 pm
Ahhh, well then maybe they were all suddenly struck with inspiration upon seeing you. xD
xX_hamstertears_Xx Report | 09/02/2014 6:05 pm
Ooooh aren't you fancy xD
Well as long as it's not exact, it's always possible that they also just ended up with something similar?
xX_hamstertears_Xx Report | 09/02/2014 9:50 am
Not sure which one I'm talking about either!
Ohhh but your current avi's pretty gorgeous too~
Mmm it's fine, it happens! xD
Nazi Sama Report | 09/01/2014 3:30 pm
Nazi Sama
Nazi Sama Report | 09/01/2014 2:48 pm
Nazi Sama
lmao wut XD
Nazi Sama Report | 08/04/2014 12:25 pm
Nazi Sama
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xX_hamstertears_Xx Report | 08/04/2014 7:16 am
um "Cash4Life" they tell you, thinking that it will be the best way for them to look reasonable!
I'm liking the new color scheme! :O

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I love snow and
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Winter is my
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My nickname is Sunshine Babykiller! :3

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Not interested in romantic
bullshit, so ******** off.

One major weirdo. But still fun to have around. :3 Knows how to laugh and make me laugh.

My best friend I've known my whole life. <3

Another best friend! <3 Introduced me to much cool stuff, don't ever stop being awesome! c:

A great person, fun to talk to when the rare occasion comes along. c:

Definitely someone I don't regret meeting, someone I have a lot of respect for. Just don't get to talk as much as I'd like. D:


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