Hello, my name is Milly. I'm 17 years old and live in this world.
I am very nice when people are nice to me, but I am really sarcastic.
I am very curious at times, things just make me think and I must question them.
I like to be alone a lot.
Being alone makes me feel like I'm someone that no one will rely on.
It's nice, no drama, no friendship.
I do like talking with people online, cause I'll never meet them.
Not many people know me, and I could careless.

My life evolves around music.
Music calms me down and makes me think so much.
I wear my headphones everywhere I go.
They are always around my neck.
Music is like the life I've always wanted.
It can change and make a new world each drop at a time.
I mainly love dubstep.
There are so many kinds to my moods.
Music is there when I need it, so I keep with me always.

I am in love with my beloved boyfriend Jacob~
Even though he's two years younger then me, it feels like I'm younger then him.
I love him very much, and he means everything to me.
We've been together sense Feb 18.
He has been through thick and thin for me.
He's helped me overcome my depression, cutting myself, and my fears of the future.
This one guy, I fell in love with by accident turned to be the highlight of my life.
I couldn't ask for more.
He's my gaint teddybear, my bestfriend, my loner, my idiot, my loser, my everything I could ask for in one person.
He's mine, and he's perfect just the way he is.
Even if we're both loners and losers, together we're the weirdest couple in school and I never want it to end.
I love him~
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My Arts~


All My Art Work!

[IMG]http://i347.photobucket.com/albums/p462/mae-mee/randomglomper_zpsd66c67a8.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i347.photobucket.com/albums/p462/mae-mee/lunapic_135791760017458_3_zps1c823561-1_zpse5d9fdaa.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i347.photobucket.com/albums/p462



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Yuuchii Shiro

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Yuuchii Shiro

emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira Thank you!!

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hey randy, what up!!! 4laugh
long time no talk
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Audio Overdrive Recover

How is your day goin'?
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Anyways...I BOUGHT A HOUSE! (yay!)
Finally moving to a better place.
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AH! Allo there! Still selling my shizzles.....I want the new Toxic Marionette razz
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Join me in Vh? :3

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Thanks! emotion_kirakira

I actually have a bunch of human ones, but I almost never use them. cat_ninja

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I think that comment was directed at my fluffy clutter! But I changed. cat_sad
Sweet Scented Dreams

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Sweet Scented Dreams

^0^ Look I made myself in the sims 4!


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Nice When Want too.