Hello and welcome to my profile. ^^

About me:

Name: You can call me Ko, Kayoh, or KK. I prefer Ko.
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Likes: Video games, drawing, and writing
Dislikes: Spiders, insults, and general asshats
Status: Taken


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My Thoughts

Just a journal about random thoughts or happenings in my life; I also might write stories in it too.


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I love the new avi!

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heart Oh yes, well I is around a lot. XP Hope you gets well soon! 3nodding heart

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heart Sorry to hear you is miserable. Hope things gets better. sad heart

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Saw your status, you ok?
l Meiimeii l

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l Meiimeii l

awesome ur going to Disneyland c: have fun
Little Tea Owl

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Little Tea Owl

Oh that sucks! D:
Archery is great, it's like a sport for the athletically challenged (aka: Me). Plus, I'd rather be able to shoot a bow than catch a football anyway. Meh~
If there's ever another chance to get into it, I'd highly recommend it. :3

I like 1x1's for character development, mostly. I don't mind small groups, but sometimes I don't know what to do with my character, y'know? xD

Travelling in CA (unless it's along the PCH or around the Sacramento area) is always such a pain for me. It's so easy to get turned around. .___.;
I'm so glad I have GPS. xD

I do in fact have a cell/facebook! :3
I'll PM those in a bit.
Little Tea Owl

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Little Tea Owl

Thanks, I wish your grandma the best as well. <3

Aw man, that sucks! D:
I hate when things don't match up like that. It's terrible. Bitchy teachers are such a pain as well, I'm sorry. :/
I hope you get to find a good degree program and school regardless, though. :3

Yeah I really like archery. It's a fun way to pass the time and I seem to have a knack for it. Just hard to do in winter here. ^^;;

As for the roleplaying, I've given up on any type of fandom-based roleplay, and tend to stick to OCs more than anything now. I only do 1x1s though, because groups die too quickly. Anyway~

Do you live in like, Death Valley? o.o
I only know of the coastal region of CA, I guess. xD
Little Tea Owl

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Little Tea Owl

Aw, I'm sorry to hear that. :'c
I guess I can relate though, my grandpa was diagnosed with prostate cancer back in August. But luckily he'll be fine. They caught it in a veryyy early stage.

Aw let's see. I took a three or so year break from Gaia. Still living with my parents in NV but going to college right now. I'll have my Associates degree in May and will be continuing on to get my Bachelors.
Don't have a job though, my school load is a little too heavy for that. Started Archery in that time (except it's too cold for me to do right now). Been roleplaying ever since I left Gaia. xD

That's pretty much it though.
You're so lucky you're in CA, I miss the weather there so much! ;;A;;
Little Tea Owl

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Little Tea Owl

Hi there! :3
It's been a while. xD

I changed my name because I figured I kind of outgrew the whole Skittles thing~

How have you been?
l Meiimeii l

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l Meiimeii l

omg miku profi


I have no time for this.

BUMP if my Tank is GLOWING!