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Really... you want to complain that much...?

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Not much to say, just a busy guy, in love, and like videogames...

Check this out, Gaiaonline's Pixton Contest entry:


What I gotta do to try to make them see?


"Mario Brothers" by Pedro Guzman & Jibaro Jazz at Heineken Jazz Fest '89

His son finished the first semester with good grades, and he wanted to gift his son anything he wanted for Christmas. So he asked for the NES. Pedro went around looking for it but none was available. So Pedro told his kid he will gift him something else until the stores gets a new supply of them. So it finally arrives, he buys it and the kid starts playing it right away. Everything's cool, and Pedro gets hooked with the sounds and the music, picks up the "cuatro" and start playing the music along with the game, "cool to recompose with Jibaro Jazz" he thinks, and so he tells the kid and he goes eyes wide open astonished, "Oh no, dad went nuts!". And so they rehearsed the song and it came out good...


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Shadow Belmonte Report | 09/20/2017 2:19 pm
Shadow Belmonte
Hope everyone stays safe, and hope your house can withstand the hurricane. emotion_8c
Shadow Belmonte Report | 09/11/2017 4:16 pm
Shadow Belmonte
Sounds great. XD
Have a good meal, and have fun.
I've got a full day at work tomorrow, so less online time for me.
Shadow Belmonte Report | 09/11/2017 4:01 pm
Shadow Belmonte
Yep, it happened due to foot and leg problems caused by work throughout the years.
But also I'm a weakling in the presence of food. emotion_omnomnom

Haven't bought those before, but they're so expensive here is why.
Never had a calzone, but I'd prefer pizzas > calzones. XD

Chinese and pastas are the best. emotion_c8
Shadow Belmonte Report | 09/11/2017 3:36 pm
Shadow Belmonte
I could stand to lose some weight but i don't care - pizza emotion_drool

Do you mean, here on Gaia, or in real life? emotion_c8
Psh, Gaia or not - if pizza is near me, it's gone. emotion_awesome
Shadow Belmonte Report | 09/09/2017 2:18 pm
Shadow Belmonte
No it's okay I don't need any pizza but thanks anyways XD
I actually need to work on getting into better shape. lol
Gosh twenty boxes of pizza would cost a fortune for us - one large pizza, plain = $13.
13 x 20 = $260 (then, $5+ taxes, and $5 tip.) x-x

Hope you have a good weekend yourself, though you've got a lot of work to do.
Have a good meal! emotion_hug
Shadow Belmonte Report | 09/09/2017 1:48 pm
Shadow Belmonte
A new, regular set?
Do you mean like a semi-permanent look?

but wait you can't get rid of the pizza i love pizza crying
*grabs your box and runs with it*
...wait why is this thing empty emotion_0A0
why is all the pizza gone emotion_0A0
Shadow Belmonte Report | 09/09/2017 1:28 pm
Shadow Belmonte
I see.
Sounds like a major setup going on.
Green bananas and plantains?
Those seem so strange, never eaten them before.
(But I actually don't eat basic yellow bananas.) sweatdrop
Never knew about yuca, yautia, or ├▒ame either.
Interesting to learn. @o@
Super healthy eating right there, and fresh from home where it's grown safely - the best stuff.
Though I'd definitely know to stay away from them peppers - I have very mild, sensitive tastes - even mild nacho cheddar cheese = flamethrower in my mouth gonk
...I think the look on my avatar's face says that: "Ack! No! No peppers!" *runs away* emotion_0A0
Shadow Belmonte Report | 09/09/2017 1:06 pm
Shadow Belmonte
That's too bad.
When my dad was alive, he grew some peas in his personal garden, so I know firsthand how frail they are.
Before I was even thought of, he and my mom used to can their own vegetables from the backyard - tomatoes, peas, onions and stuff.

Do you farm them, or is it your own personal garden?

We don't grow our own vegetables, but that's basically my concern - I've found bits of glass, some of the apartment's siding panel, and even a light switch embedded in my yard.
I'd rather not eat something from my yard - it could be contaminated with something - not safe, in my opinion.

I agree with you though - with that other hurricane coming up behind Irma, best to hold off on planting more.
Shadow Belmonte Report | 09/09/2017 12:30 pm
Shadow Belmonte
Sorry to hear about your situation.

You grow peas? surprised
Shadow Belmonte Report | 09/08/2017 3:16 pm
Shadow Belmonte
Gosh, already a 4? gonk
Hopefully it goes away and vanishes, but that's not realistically possible. emo
The storm surge from Irma alone is frightening - over 10 foot storm surges - thinking of a wall of water over ten feet high just flowing all over the place - that's more frightening than the wind, and I heard the winds were up to 200+ mph at one point.
Since I'm in a landlocked State, I don't see how you guys all live near all that water. emotion_0A0

No doubt that Florida is going to be hurting after the hurricane Irma sweeps through, but I'm also concerned about after-effects.
Florida sits on a limestone bed, which is always collapsing because of water erosion, and I'm just thinking: sinkholes could start forming, maybe not straightaway, but over time, even.
And Mexico had a monster-level earthquake, and they've had a hurricane as well.
It's just all crazy down south. emotion_0A0

Yep that's all we can do, is hope everyone stays safe and everyone can get help when it's needed.
See you sometime.
I may / may not be online much tomorrow.
I've actually got to go shopping for a fancy-fancy formal attire - ten year anniversary at my work on the 19th this month.
So not ready for both the formal dinner or the fact it's been ten years of my life in that store. emotion_facepalm




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