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my name is maggie, i am 20 years old, and as could probably be inferred from my name, im indeed a female. i currently live in phoenix, arizona with my boyfriend, robby (aka malkav), whom i have been in a relationship with since november of 2011.

im a gentle and softspoken person for the most part but can also be unresponsive. i do love discussion, however i am very introverted and have trouble keeping up with a lot of people and communities, so i’ll just be dropping by every once in awhile to say a few words.

i am interested in animals and art, these two things are the only interests im confident enough in, though i still consider myself very much an amateur. paleobiology and the visual arts are somethings i would like to go to school for, i also want to pick up botany and taxidermy as hobbies along the way.

i've been a member of gaia on and off for quite awhile now, but i wouldn't consider myself part of the community- i mostly just come here to hang out with a small number of friends. i do not accept random requests and my friend list is exclusively people that i am acquainted with.

that’s all i have to share for now, but if you have any questions or would just like to meet me, feel welcome to message me anytime, my inbox is always open. hint: im more comfortable with small talk, if you wrap me up in heavy conversations i might withdraw myself.

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