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丈夫 ( S t r o n g )

Out of character

So let's get down to the basics shall we.
My name is Luciliay.

丈夫 European descent, both sides.

丈夫 Love is too complex to toy with.

丈夫 My mood changes like the weather, live with it.

丈夫 I'm sarcastic. I enjoy joking around, if you get offended by any of my jokes; my sincere apologize, I'm sure I didn't mean it, well most of it anyway. And If I did, it must really suck to be you. ~

丈夫 I am a lot of things. Sarcastic, Comical, Strong-willed, confident, bashful, stubborn, thoughtful, caring, protective and prideful; which tends to get the best of me most of the time.

丈夫 I only keep worthy people on my list. ( : So value up, bich.

丈夫 I don't mind giving advice. I normally don't receive it.

丈夫 Risks and taking chances tempt me.

丈夫 I hate numbers, with a passion.

丈夫 I game, mainly games from Square Enix, Capcom, tri-Ace, & others.

丈夫 I'm literate so if you t3xt ta!k you can just gtfo.

丈夫 I hate Racism. It disgusts me. We were all born the same way, we're all humans, therefore we're all equal. I love learning about different cultures.

丈夫 Currently: N/A

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