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about me

rainbowww chan is the name (rainbowzcolor too!)
i'm sixteen & my b-day is dec. 25th (christmas baby yo)
i was born in the capital of italy (rome)
i also almost always type in all lowercase
but when i roleplay i actually use proper grammar (woah).
i love to roleplay so hit me up if you want to onexone.
i also play a s**t ton of osu! (i'm so pro lol) noimnot
so also hit me up if you want to play and stuff (cuz why not)
i also like watching anime but i don't watch a lot
and i like talking to people so you should totally pm me
we can become bffs for life and skype all day errday.
i only have like 2 friends i talk to all the time so yeah
i need more friends. plz
if you want to know serious stuff
then you have to ask but after i tell you then
our friendship will instantly change because
i will assume (which is bad) that you'll be okay
with me ranting/venting to you. do not ask for
serious stuff if you cannot handle srs stuff
or if you will be a jerk after i tell you. the end.

you should probs skype/pm me if you want to learn more.
but be warned
i sound like a 9 year old boy going through puberty.
and i'm kinda not really short. i'm 5'5

ye imma go now

Youtube Channel: RainbowZColor

Tumblr: rainbowzcolor

Skype rainbowzboomz

osu! rainbowzcolor



Last Login: 07/04/2015 1:27 am

Gender: Female

Location: Italy, Rome

Birthday: 12/25

Occupation: Student