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about me

ciao, the name is rainbowzcolor but you can call me
karime/kari if you wanna get real personal.
did you know i'm a christmas baby? (dec. 25th yo)
i'm 16 and I live in the capital of italy (rome).
i speak italian, spanish and i'm currently learning french
i occasionally do traditional art so maybe freebies
i'm annoying af and i swear too much for a girl my age
i don't like people because they let down
so i might bite if you talk to me but maybbee i'll be
nice. maybe. i don't trust people easily
i play a lot of osu! so if you wanna play then add mee
for a girl who's 5'5" i say fight me too much
i sound like a 9 year old boy going through puberty
but really i just have a high voice
i get crushes too easily //cries
i roleplay a lot so pm me if you want to rp x ux
JealousRose is my rp partner/friennndd
i don't know what else to say soo..
buh byeee!

btw you should add me on skype because why not

tumblr: rainbowzcolor

skype rainbowzboomz

osu! rainbowzcolor

soundcloud: rainbowzcolor



Last Login: 08/01/2015 12:26 am

Gender: Female

Location: Italy, Rome

Birthday: 12/25

Occupation: Student


she's cool af