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yo the names rainbowzcolor but u can call me rainbow
did you know i'm a christmas baby? (d.o.b: dec. 25th)
i'm 16 and i live in the capital of italy (rome).
i speak italian, spanish and i'm currently learning french
i'm in looooove with pastel colors & chicken nuggets
i hate people but i want them to talk to me
so uh. talk to me plz

i play a lot of osu! so if you wanna play then add meee
i sound like a 9 year old boy going through puberty
but really i just have a high voice
oh & i roleplay a lot so pm me if you want to rp x ux
JealousRose is my nugget ♥

i don't know what else to say soo..
buh byeee!

tumblr: rainbowzcolor

skype rainbowzboomz

osu! rainbowzcolor

soundcloud: rainbowzcolor



Last Login: 09/01/2015 3:28 pm

Gender: Female

Location: Italy, Rome

Birthday: 12/25

Occupation: Student