behind the scenes

ayyye. the name is rainbow and i'm sixteen years old.
i was born in the capital of italy (rome)
though i do tend to go to with grandparents
and they live in venice sooooo ye.
my b-day is december 25th a.k.a christmas.
i'm both santa and jesus so fear me m8.
i'm extremely annoying like oh gOD.
i also almost always type in all lowercase
but when i roleplay i actually use proper grammar (woah).
oh, ye. i love to roleplay so hit me up if you want to onexone.
i also play a s**t ton of osu! (i'm so pro homie)
so also hit me up if you want to play and stuff (cuz why not)
i also like watching anime and i used to be a weeaboo (killme)
and i like talking to people so you should totally pm me
we can become bffs for life
and skype all day errday.
ye you should probs skype me if you want to learn more.
but be warned
i sound like a 9 year old boy going through puberty.
and i'm kinda short. i'm 5'3
ye imma go now
rip in pasta.

Youtube Channel: RainbowZColor

Tumblr: rainbowzcolor

Skype rainbowzboomz

osu! rainbowzcolor



Last Login: 05/27/2015 5:25 pm

Gender: Female

Location: Italy, Rome

Birthday: 12/25

Occupation: Student