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Music Lyrics~ Woodkid - The Shore

I walked all day along the shore
I was made for loving you
I drown my pain in alcohol
How could you feel the same way too?

My feet will not walk anymore
So I guess you ought to know the truth
I wonder what I am made for
If I'm not meant to be with you

I wish you were here on the shore
That we could build up something new
I wonder why I am so sure
Nothing's stronger than me and you

Now I'm leaning on the stage door
As I'm writing these words for you
You don't remember anymore
The kisses that I stole from you

I spend my days without you now
And the sky doesn't look that blue
Cause every day I love you more
How could you feel the same way too?

My life is full of wine and gold
But it's not worth it without you
Just like my bed my heart is cold
Now you know I've always loved you

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xxx Hai there. I love to roleplay so PM me if you got any ideas. I'm on summer vacation at the moment so i'll be free! ; u ; ( only for like 3 months and then i'm going back to school ; n ; ) I'm also an Otaku, Gamer ( not a gamer gurl but an actual gamer -.- ), and somewhat of a nerd. Donate plz? Even like one gold will help me on my quest to get some of my wishlist items. Uhmm, I like rainbows and my favorite color is indigo because everyone forgets that color in the rainbow. I also love cute things and colorful things. ; v ; I speak 4 languages.. Uhmm, I'm Italian and part Mexican. I was born in Rome. Moved to America when I was 14 and I'm 21 right now. My birthday is on Christmas ; u ; ( and no, sadly I don't get double the presents ; n ; ). I don't know what else to say so you're going to have to friend me and then PM me to find out. xD I'm also very humerous ;3 ( and perverted lolol ) Oki bai.

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