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Je jure allégeance au drapeau des États-Unis d'Amérique et à la République qu'il représente, une nation unie sous l'autorité de Dieu, indivisible, avec la liberté et la justice pour tous.

Bonjour and welcome to Cali~! -brandishing a paint brush that is dipped in three different colors he practices on a canvas, putting the finishing touches on a rainbow that blended into every single color he could imagine and some new ones he'd discovered- Here.. Art is second only to the beach. There's art on buildings, art on cars... -In an excited burst he grabs up the small cup of murky water he'd been using to clean his brushes and douses the new creation on it, making his rainbow bleed and drip to the ground- And art in the soul. -Lets the cup and the paint brush clatter to the ground and grins- Belle~!


Hi! Welcome to the info and thanks ahead for reading! I'll start with the things about this Alfred that makes him a bit more quirky then most. First of all, he doesn't like to be serious so if he is he is more then likely playing around to see what kind of reactions he can get from it. He's the kind who can go from straight face to bouncing around quicker then a light blowing. It's not a mood swing, just a conscious choice to feel one thing or another. He likes to switch it up! xD Boring things for him are a fate worse than /death/!

Also.. his one true love, aside from his nation, is /color/! He adores vibrant and overpowering amounts of color and he expresses this in two ways. One: His choice of clothing. For this Alfred the more blindingly bright and rainbow like his clothes are, /or/ the more they stand out as being unusual, the more he'll love them and wear them with pride! ♥ And Two: His painting. He's been going to the same art school as a different person since it opened just for the sake of it and he /loves/ to paint... in the most non conventional ways and places ever. He's the kind of guy who would see an interesting looking oil stain in the parking lot, take out his paint brush, and start playing with it. In short... he fails. x'D But he tries his hardest and he loves what little fail paintings he's done and has no problem showing them to the ones close to him.

Also, he has a very deep love and appreciation for France. He's always naturally been a bit on the eccentric and spazzy side and sees the older nation as a role model in how to be when he gets a bit older. Without knowing why, Alfred is drawn to the way he is calmer and fluid and /worlds/ more romantic than he has the capacity to be. So. To help channel him little French flags keep appearing in his mail when ever he orders new American ones and he's attempting to teach himself French! Though.. he only knows a few words at best. ;w; Fail boat...

A few more quirky Alfred-y things! He /adores/ sweets! Sweets and junk food! If you can give him either one he will follow you around forever! Also, he likes playing with accessories along with clothes so his hair always seems to end up being streaked in some unusual color and decked out with fluorescent bobby pins and clips. His love of color causes him to tend to want to literally paint people because they are all one color so watch out!

If you end up visiting his home let it be known that it is a very expensive but still eclectic after he's put all of his finishing touches on every room space of every room he had. (( *something like this* http://www.trendir.com/house-design/luxury-penthouse-apartment-overlooking-san-franciscos-aquatic-park.html )) He keeps his paintings in the bedrooms for the most part and buys what ever French inspired art he can find to hand in the public areas of the house. He also has a Calico cat that is perfectly content with the constant smell of paint.

Alfred is very much a free spirit by choice. He gets a sort of thrill from being the catalyst in any situation he is in so it is much more often then not that he would be even louder or more energetic to perk up the other person and get them to react the way that he wants them to. He has no qualms about being inappropriate or blatantly breaking any tense situations he finds himself in due to the same underlying dislike of being told what to do that all Alfreds have. That being said.. He secretly adores visible authority.. Police officers, men in suits, doctors, anything to that affect and he will tend toward wanting to follow them around and do things for them at random.

Also! This should go without saying for anyone who's thought deeply about the fact that any one character on this site probably has about 500+ replicas but, Jelly is a clone to his American counter parts. Not a twin. The Italian brothers are twins. He is a clone. There.. now that being said, and try to follow me here 'cause it's the only way /I/ can make sense of him talking to other Americas, Jelly comes from a basically identical parallel universe where the only real change in the people and the places is that things are a few shades brighter. Subtle and dark colors are rarely worn and in all cases, the way that he dresses himself is the norm within America as a whole. For a person from his world, wearing all one color or having 'simple' clothing would be as embarrassing as someone walking down the street in a full body leopard costume and it not being Halloween! So no, he feels no shame at all in being blindingly bright and he will do anything he can to get people who become close to him to dress in a way that is comfortable for him. -shrugs- :'D What can I say~? Alfreds tend toward being selfish and short sighted right? He's no different in that aspect.

*Possible Pairings*

Selfcest : Nope, I'm not kidding. Alfred does better with clones of himself then anything else!

US/UK or UK/US : What Alfred /doesn't/ adore Arthur in some way or another? =w= ♥

AmeRussia : He like's 'em cute /and/ tough when it comes to 'Commies'

AmeLiet : Alfred loves Toris to pieces! lD His little housewife.. ♥ Hell yeah~!

USFr or FrUS : Francis is his muse, his /idol/! Alfred would have fun following him around night and day! -not a stalker- -lulz liarliar- Actually... Alfred is a complete and total Francophone! He wants to be as much like 'big brother' as he can in every way, shape and form! It's bad.. almost like an obsession at times though in the best way possible of course! It goes so deeply within Alfred that if his boss didn't threaten to have him sedated, he would grow his hair out to look exactly like Francis. -coughcough'Thoughthathasn'tstoppedhimfrombuyingafewwigs'- This is the reason why Alfred seems to always be doing things that he thinks Francis would do and is always tossing French into his sentences. -some reasoning behind the madness- Alfred spent a large amount of his life in the Vieux Carré of Louisiana until his walking rainbow tenancies became a bit too much for the deep south at which point he moved up to New England for a while before settling down in his home and favorite city in the U.S.

*Much much more info to come!*

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The alarmingly, astonishingly, awe-inspiringly, mind-blowing tales of me!

This is a journal all about me! They just sort of come to me out of the white like that because I'm the bon-tastic rainbow hero of the world! It's my /duty/ to document all of my amazing adventures!


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AlliteratedAiek Report | 07/25/2013 1:17 pm
cool avi
Hero Syndrome Report | 11/10/2012 8:05 pm
Hero Syndrome
-Alfred wandered down the halls of the penthouse that he was actually quite good at navigating most of the time. It was just that he had forgotten what he had wanted to do. This was the third time today. He would go back to his office, remember what he wanted to do, leave and forget again. His damn tricky brain was getting very confused, with all the doorways in this place. Maybe he should ask Leader about that. Was it part of his plan or just an inconvenient product of having such a closed off layout? Was that what he wanted to do? Ask Leader that? No...No...- Hm... -Doctor made it back to his office, opening the door and wracking his brain for what he had been trying to do. When his door swung open and he saw the strange figure sprawled out on his floor, he suddenly remembered.- I wanted to ask you about the perception color has on heart disease in patients in your world! -he announced, pointing dramatically. Actually, that was the summed up version of his theory. He just wanted to know if because foods brightly colored in Jelly's world if it caused people to eat more or less and if that affected the rate of heart disease and if so, could it be connected to whatever it was they were using to make foods more bright and flashy in color? Wait!- Jelly! I told you not to come into my office!! -Alfred frowned at him, a bit of whining in his voice because he really hated when people came into his office without his permission. He lived a bit in organized chaos and couldn't work if stuff was not where he wanted it! He plucked the beakers from Jelly's hands and pouted down at him.- Look, dude. That's not cool! ...And what are wearing? -Doctor was a bit slow on the uptake...-

Hero Syndrome Report | 08/18/2012 1:36 am
Hero Syndrome
Oh god, I need to work out more...-The doctor huffed and puffed as he raced around the halls he found himself running around way too often. It was worse then the hospital, because he easily got lost if he wasn't careful and none of the hospital walls were lined with expensive vases and paintings and stuff from a million years ago put on display. But, he managed because he never ran unless there was an emergency. And there always seemed to be an emergency. But this time, he knew there was a big emergency. Because Mr. Leader didn't call him for no reason. Especially when he was already in the middle of doing something that Mr. Leader had assigned. he had just been in the middle of testing the results of their newest drug on that Alfie clone, his most tested clone, when Mr. Leader had dialed him on the special phone he had been given. It was an out of the world, super crazy futuristic phone. It was awesome. But he had no idea how to work it, so it basically just worked as a pager. Which was a bit ironic. But the doctor didn't have time to think about that now. Because as he got closer, he could hear screaming. Endless, endless screaming. s**t! Had limbs been broken? Organs rupturing? Something horribly punctured or pierced? The doctor's mind sped into super drive as he pondered the endless possibilities. As he rounded the corner, the screaming hit his ears at full force. He doubled over, panting and trying to catch his breath even as he surveyed the scene. No blood. Not a drop anywhere in sight. It was that clone Jelly. The one that had brought him here in the first place. He was the one screaming and Mr. Leader was there too.- What...haaah...Happened? -he panted, eyes scrunching up in confusion. Nothing seemed wrong except for the screaming. Mr. Leader just shook his head and walked off. Helpful. Reaaaal helpful. The doctor huffed and walked over to Jelly, firmly taking him by the shoulder and pulling him around to examine him. Nothing seemed broken, no bruises, no cuts. The doctor puckered his lips, mouth moving to the side as he thought. Finally, he got the other to look him in the eyes- Jelly. Hey. Jelly? It's me, Doctor. Jelly. Why are you screaming? What hurts? Where? How? It's going to be okay! Just tell me what's wrong! -he shouted over the screaming, secure and serious. He always was in business mode, when things got down to business and serious.-
Transactional Leader Report | 05/19/2012 12:28 am
Transactional Leader
-Oh...My. Leader watched in terrible concern as the clone known as Jelly had a mental breakdown in front of him. He started to tremble. Then beg for Francis and Leader covered his ears as he started to scream. he didn't want to call the doctor. He was busy. Leader had made him busy, doing tests on a few of the clones and how they reacted to a few variables. He was very interested. He wanted it done. But this...This was something else. And it needed to be dealt with /now/. This had been reported a few times by War. That Jelly would have these episodes. It was obvious he already had a frail mental state. For reasons he hadn't had a chance to explore yet. But this was pushing it to a point he did not have time for. With a flick of his wrist, his phone was out and he pressed the number to the doctor's pager. Just a few moments later, the doctor was at his side, out of breath and red in the face. Leader looked at him, unimpressed, and simply pointed to Jelly.- Take. Care. Of. Him.
Transactional Leader Report | 05/18/2012 11:40 pm
Transactional Leader
-Leader noticed a change in the other and felt uneasy about it. The other was usually almost terrifyingly hyperactive and to see him suddenly crunch into himself was...concerning.- Ah...I believe he went to a new, nearby green market. Would you like to me to give you the address? I'm sure he wouldn't mind you meeting him there...
Transactional Leader Report | 05/18/2012 11:27 pm
Transactional Leader
-Leader's teeth clench and he reaches up to pinch the bridge of his nose before sighing.- I did not mean to offend. I was simply remarking on the fact that you have noticeably beautiful eyes. To add on to them would be...-he waves a hand through the air with precision, as if he were slapping an invisible third person- Well. Adding a mustache to the Mona Lisa. -he smiles politely- To ruin a masterpiece would be a mistake. I'd be happy to get you the contacts, but I want you to consider it carefully. And of course know that you don't have to do anything at all to be an individual. You are completely your own...No matter what. -he chuckles and pushes his glasses up- That's all you should keep in mind.
Transactional Leader Report | 05/18/2012 11:15 pm
Transactional Leader
-gives a little twitch of a smile- Many clones are often complimented on the brightness and beauty of their blue eyes. Yours are perfectly fine.
Transactional Leader Report | 05/18/2012 7:41 pm
Transactional Leader
Contact lenses...? Why? You wear glasses, as all of us do.


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