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Registered: 11/27/2006

Gender: Female

Location: Somewhere hidden in the forest

Occupation: Part time theif

The big bad wolfs song


My name is Raident_moon but just call me Rai ^_^ i love to have fun with my friends and i love to be creative and be apart and write my own roleplays my characters are below. I enjoy laughing and makeing others laugh got something funny then go ahead and tell me i love jokes! i also love makeing new friends so feel free to add me as a friend ^_^

I like to rp alot, most if not all my friends rp and were all different types of demons. This is my character

Name: Asuka
Species: Human/Arch angel
Age/Human: 18
Age/Demon: 180
Height: 5'9
Hair color: White
Eye color: red
Powers: I Use the Elements my favorites are water ice and earth, i am very strong and pretty fast but perfer not to use violence.
About: Im usealy a very sweet person who loves to be playful and run around the forest with my friend playing with the wild life that is all around the forest. I love to be near water and i love to be unter trees with white roses that i grow. Although every once and a while my soul will turn dark, i have no control over when this happens.

How i Normaly look:

I also do Vampire roleplays

Name: Aurora
Species: Vampire
Age/Human: 18
Age/Demon: 240
Height: 5'9
Hair color: Silver
Eye color: Gold
About her: Rosetta has been alive for hundreds of years, being a vampire most people would think you would only see her at night but that isnt true she's able to go out in daylight. She keeps a pair or dark glasses on when she goes out so people wont see the haunting glow of her red eyes in fear they will figure out what she truley is.

~Avi Art ^_^~


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This is My Life and my thoughts

This hournal tells about my life what goes on in it, and what goes on inside my head