My name is Carlo. I am an only child. I like to watch tv,play basketball and play gaiaonline.My favorite bands/singers are metallica, Marilyn manson, cradle of filth, linkin park, OTEP, Ozzy Osbourne and slipknot. My favorite songs are Vodevil, new s**t, disposable teens, golden age of grotesque, dead skin mask, nymphetamine, If I Was Your Vampire, before i forget, blackheart, use your fist not your mouth, dance floor anthem, trashed and scattered, rock'n roll n****r, skinnyman, battle ready, blood pigs, T.R.I.C., iron man, Foetus of a new day kicking(if your wondering why I spelled Foetus this way its not a miss type it's really like that) and Hero/Heroine. I'm a proud filipino and of course I live in the Philippines and for some reason i'm left handed and yes i get pretty random at times. Even if I don't have any siblings, I do have cousins and they have accounts here in gaia and they are

Vienmier Margaux

If you want to talk to me somewhere else my friendster and facebook is open (if you are to go to my friendster account introduce yourself before hand here in my gaia account)

Welcome To the Land of a Thousand Polls!
If you sing "Land of a Thousand Dances" I'll send vicious bunny ninjas out on you. >.<

About LTPOnce, far back in the mists of time, all of gaia was a happy place. No one was a n00b, and everyone got along. Then, everything changed. Nobody knows why, perhaps it was because people stopped getting standardized amounts of gold for polls. *cough* But, suddenly, people started taking advantage of each other, and only caring about what gold they could make.
This guild's purpose is trying to get back to the old days. Days before n00bs, before dictatorial guild leaders who ask you to give them gold and just use it for themselves, and before everyone was so mean to each other, just for the sake of gold.
However, don't get the wrong idea, there is plenty of gold to be made here, but, more importantly, there are plenty of Friends to be made as well.

To Join LTP Please Fill Out These Questions in your Submission
1. How Did You Find This Guild
2. Why Do You Want To Join
3. How Long Have You Been On Gaia
4. On A Scale Of 1-10 How literate Are you?

BLACKHEART (Slipknot: lyrics from mp3lyrics.org)

all the pieces of the puzzle
seem to fall into place
but the only thought that i
could think was pissin in that
******** FACE
the taste that you left in my mouth was rotten
and you think that all the s**t you
did to me could be FORGETTEN

well ******** no
you both got me last time
next time i see your punk a** its mine
from behind dawg i'm gonna crack that skull
then i'm gonna laugh when you fall
cause you ******** me raw

comin home late at night when
your sneakin in the door
with a bottle half empty and
your tank is on full
you hurt me
and i will never forget
how you HURT ME
and all the pain you caused
left my mind blank and my soul was lost
and now the thoughts are in my head
and drifting side to side
you know i'm gonna get cause
there is nowhere to hide
headlines will read on the night she died

trust me
i will get your a** back
if it kills me
for the rest of your life you will feel me
i'm gonna make you remember that you
hurt me
you ******** hurt me

hurt me; hurt me; hurt me; hurt me
my head was ******** up; hurt me
when i was locked up: hurt me
[ Find more Lyrics on www.mp3lyrics.org/hMW ]
made a phone call; hurt me
b***h put a block up; hurt me
on the phone letters to your home
but you never wrote me back
what the ******** up with that
one of these days i'm gonna get you b***h
find your body
in an valley
in the alley
in a ditch
with a 45 chrome to the back of your dome
havin everybody wonderin what
the ******** is goin on
where the ******** did you go
never be back again
but i still keep thinkin about you now and then

trust me
i will get your a** back
if it kills me
for the rest of your life you will feel me
gonna make you remember that you
hurt me
you ******** hurt me

i remember when i first said i love you
got confused from the first time i ******** you
you got nervous when i opened up your legs relax
cause i was raised on x-rated
moves and porno mags

all day walk around with a full buzz
never fully understood what our love was
l-25 straight brought the light
same time had to dip outa town for a few nights

came back and my road dawgs waitin
tellin me some s**t leavin me contemplaitin


******** my best friend

unheard of

and i'm gonna get you in the end yeah
one of these days it will be my time
and i'm gonna slit your throat
make it look suicide
******** you, i should've known
better than to trust you
******** you

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