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Accio Alice Report | 05/20/2015 3:58 pm
Happy birthday, Tutor! (:
Infinite_Randomness Report | 03/13/2015 2:26 am
Hey- my apologies- I didn't mean to just leave the rp like that- I just wanted to come back when I could do it justice.
Dracorex Titan Report | 03/08/2015 9:15 pm
Why ouch? I can see why he wouldn't want it there. I'm not sure I would want it there. We have an almost unique situation here. We are an Established group, welcome to letting outsiders in, but our group itself is broken and off doing other things. We have nothing to focus on. My focus right now is at least getting the attention of the members that are still around to let them know not to forget the Clan just yet.
Dracorex Titan Report | 03/07/2015 6:51 pm
I've sent out Clan announcements. For now DW wants everyone to go to the Clan and use it. I don't think he is keen on the Recruitment thread being in the Friends Chat subforum of Welcome to Gaia.
Dracorex Titan Report | 03/06/2015 7:29 pm
Not ok. Pissed about the Clans of Battle forum. I knew it would eventually happen, but now that it has, it's complicated things. All the crew that IS still around might not remember about the Clan. We are all sort of scattered to the four corners right now.
Dracorex Titan Report | 03/05/2015 7:02 pm
loanerism Report | 03/03/2015 7:08 pm
thank you for your purchase emotion_yatta emotion_bigheart
Infinite_Randomness Report | 02/17/2015 7:28 pm
*She considers her choices. The old man, while probably experienced and skilled, is not her idea companion- she'd like someone closer to her age. She looks over to the woman absolutely loaded with guns (and who knows what else she has hidden on her person)...and while she's definitely closer in age, she didn't want anyone who'd look like they'd take over the mission or outshine her. She'd had that problem before while on another quest for a mystical item. On her very first quest for ...something that she strangely cannot remember, she was motivated to find this ...item...to heal someone she cared deeply about. However, despite being of seemingly noble intent, the questmate who was ostensibly the most bold, but friendly, trustworthy, and honestly, a rolemodel to her, out of nowhere began to become dark & manipulative, making the quest all about satisfying her own vainglory. When things in her understanding of the world had already been flip-turned upside-down, dear Infinite already thought she'd found security in her quest giving her hope and purpose and at least one questmate being a guide to help her get there...Honestly, the last thing you need to deal with when navigating difficult terrain, keeping another questmate of questionable alignment in check, and out-manuvering what may as well be a contrived rival team of inverse versions of your team...is petty infighting.

This left the lovely little mime lady in the corner.

While she obviously was wary of her, as the barkeep she takes to be reputable warned against selecting her, she know from watching tv has heard that within the unlikely hero lies the challenge... and within the challenge waits a reward and even more character development who knows what other possibilities. And even if that was not the case, then she might at least be helpful and a decent questmate, which is all she really needs right now. She looks at the mime drinking - or at least pretending to- drink from her fine tea cup, whilst sitting on her striped towel. Despite the fact that there was nothing in her way, she got the feeling that she was boxed in... whether that was due to the Barkeeps comment about her not being able to leave, or her deep-seating assumptions about mimes coming to light remainded to be seen. She'd need to be careful to avoid stereottyping her new questmate to be- after all, mimes are people, too.*

Why would you say that I wouldn't want her? Is it because she's "...[whispers] boxed in... or is there something else to her? Do you know if she'd been on any other quests or done anything else of note?

*A part of her felt stupid for asking these questions because she could very well just be a regular mime who's only offer for her quest could be assumed agreeableness in exchange for no real benefit to her quest whatsoever...r maybe, there's more than meet the eye...(tm). She liked to get as many facts as possible before walking into a situation. Besides, you meet all kinds of ccharacters in bars- one can never be too careful...
Infinite_Randomness Report | 02/10/2015 10:03 pm

*she said pensively...however, in a way she felt as if she already knew. But it was no matter, for just as quickly as she'd experience that potable ordeal she'd found her destiny drive. Something that might give her fulfillment...salve for her hurting heart. But as determined as she was, she couldn't do it alone...not yet.*

Hey, would you happen to know of any roaming adventurous groups or anyone looking to go on a quest for a legendary item of destiny (who doesn't mind having little to no chance of receiving the spoils of the target item)? smile

*While she was not usually selfish, the last thing she wanted to do was go on a grant quest for the MacGruffin Truth with the Mug of Moscato with a wacky yet loveable group, form bonds with them, finally get to the item, only to have to fight over it. After all, she'd had enough tragic backstory and would be fine without anymore.

((Aww, thanks- I just saw such potential in your avi and the answer and had to make it real. Also, I'm glad you aren't to bothered by text walls. I was worried I was too wordy. XD))
Infinite_Randomness Report | 02/09/2015 9:24 pm
*Sips and ponders the back story*
Mmm...nice taste.
*swirls in crystal mug, admiring it*
Lovely... dark, full bodied an-

*Her words are cut short- a knot wells up in her throat... made of tears, pain and anger long suppressed. So very well suppressed that she could have very well swore that they did not exist in her until a minute ago. She looks as if she has seen the most troubling thing someone could see... her eyes are open but she sees not here, but a dark and troubled past...one that she has internalized as her own.*
After some time- what is only a few minutes, but feels like a lifetime ago, she picks up the mug, shakily at first...
then throws back the mug, downing it all in one go, gulping the strong, flavorful, yet horrible, dark liquid. Despite the power of the drink almost knocking her out of her chair, she weakly holds herself in place...somehow made stronger for the ordeal...as if this one wonderous, yet horrid drink has somehow developed her character.

*She wanted to ask exactly what it was and what was in it, but something else had caught her eye. While she'd admired the beauty of the mug when the barkeep handed it to her, now that it was empty, she could see its true beauty...and purpose...seeing. As this was the Legendary Mug of Moscato! While the mug on its own was beautiful and allowed the viewer to see truth and their deepest desires, it was only part of a magnificent legacy. For inside was inscribed a map to go somewhere to actually attain the Truth and/or their deepest desires (the two aren't mutually exclusive, you know.) But now, there was only one thing to do...*

So, what exactly was in that drink?, she was finally able to ask, no longer being ontologically affected by a single drink.

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